Episode 147: Bev Bevan, Drummer – The Move, E.L.O., Black Sabbath… and for Paul Weller on the Wake Up The Nation LP…

Drumming is often the rhythmic heartbeat that propels music forward, and within the realm of influential drummers, Bev Bevan‘s name shines brightly. Known for his exceptional talent, he has not only left an indelible mark on the music industry but has also inspired countless drummers around the world.

What an honour it is to have Bev join me on this episode of The Paul Weller Fan Podcast as we dig into memories of The Move (One of the best and most important British groups of the late 1960s).
The band are a huge favourite of Paul Weller so much so that he invited Bev to play on the Wake Up The Nation album, that was released in 2010.

At the time, Paul commented on his website… “Bev Bevan plays drums on this one. Producer, Simon Dine and I are big psychedelic music fans, so it was a real buzz. I was back to being a ten year old Move fan again.”

Bev played drums on the two songs that open the album… Moonshine and Wake Up The Nation.
Paul Weller told him that he was his second choice; his first choice would have been Keith Moon…

Bev Bevan’s impact on drumming and music is undeniable.
His exceptional talent, innovative style, and influential presence have made him a revered figure in the music industry. Aspiring drummers continue to draw inspiration from his work, fueling their own musical journeys.

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EP147 – Bev Bevan, Drummer – The Move, E.L.O + Wake Up The Nation LP! Paul Weller Fan Podcast : Desperately Seeking Paul

Bev Bevan Playlist of Selected Songs from Desperately Seeking Paul

The story starts with Denny Laine…

Bev started his professional career with Denny Laine & the Diplomats In 1963, opening shows for The Beatles and The Rolling Stones . Following a stint in Germany with Carl Wayne & the Vikings , Bev became a founding member of The Move in 1966…

The Move

The band scored nine top 20 UK singles in five years including absolute classics Fire Brigade, Flowers in the Rain, Night of Fear and Chart topper “Blackberry Way”.
As well as his incredible drumming skills, Bev also has a lovely, deep deep singing voice!.
With The Move he sang lead on a remake of “Zing! Went the Strings of My Heart” and the country and western spoof, “Ben Crawley Steel Co“.
He composed one Move song: “Don’t Mess Me Up“, an Elvis Presley spoof from the album Message from the Country, which was also the B-side of the Move’s single “Tonight”.

Electric Light Orchestra & Black Sabbath!

In 1971, Bev became a founding member of Electric Light Orchestra, who went on to have a string of international hit albums and singles and toured to sell out tours worldwide, throughout the Seventies and early Eighties.
.It was a real joy to hear Bev’s stories of his E.L.O days on the podcast too.
Another amazing band in my eyes (should this be to my ears?)
You can hear his drumming on their biggest his – he played on all Electric Light Orchestra and ELO Part II albums up to 1999 – and his voice can be heard most prominently on “Fire On High” and “Strange Magic”, both from the album Face the Music (1975).
His ability to seamlessly blend rock beats with orchestral arrangements showcased his versatility and musicality, captivating audiences worldwide.

In 1982/‘83, Bev joined Black Sabbath, touring USA, Canada and Europe (including topping the bill at Reading Festival).

Throughout the 1990’s Bev toured the world with ELO Part 2, playing with such prestigious orchestras as the Moscow Symphony, Singapore Symphony, London Philharmonic, Atlanta Symphony and the Singapore Symphony Orchestra.

Radio and Quill….

During the 2000’s Bev hosted his own radio shows on Saga FM, Smooth FM and BBC WM and was awarded a star on Birmingham’s Walk Of Stars and inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame.

He is now part of the band, Quill. A six piece music group originally from Birmingham which blends Rock, Folk and Americana styles with a unique blend of drums and percussion, violin and beautiful vocal harmonies.
2023 sees the band celebrate 50 years! Check out live dates here and their most recent album Riding Rainbows here – 12 original songs including guests artists Chris Norman, Andy Fairweather-Low, John Lodge, Tony Martin, Richard Bailey, Louis Clark Jnr and the Maverick Strings.

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