Chosen Songs

At the end of every podcast episode, I ask my guests to ‘pick one Paul Weller song for the rest of your life – it can be The Jam, The Style Council or Paul Weller solo…’
As I sit here typing away in January 2023, I have finally managed to get this list of songs onto the website. Lesson to self : make a note from episode one.
It would never have happened without the kindness of listener Steve Park AKA Parkie64 who wrote them all up for me. HUGE THANKS MATE!
I’ve realised that on occasion I’ve let people pick more than one – so I’ll keep an eye on that !

At the time of writing – Wild Wood has come out on top with Down by the Tube Station at Midnight a close second and It’s a Very Deep Sea in third place. I’ve even created a Spotify playlist with the songs chosen by my guests. ENJOY!

Episode 1Stuart DeabillGhosts1
Episode 2Mark ‘Bax’ BaxterWild Wood1
Episode 3Russell HastingsStrange Town1
Episode 4Ric BlaxillThe Changing Man1
Episode 5Lee CogswellWhite Horses1
Episode 6The Magic Mod – Ben TaylorGhosts2
Episode 7Ian SnowballThat’s Entertainment1
Episode 8Daniel J. Ash – AKA Teenage WaitressGhosts3
Episode 9Pat GilbertThe Place I love1
Episode 10Timothy ShepardSaturday’s Kids1
Episode 11Andy LewisAbsolute Beginners1
Episode 12Nicky WellerDown in the Tube Station at Midnight
Headstart For Happiness
Episode 13James CurranN/A
Episode 14Trevor NeilDown in the Tube Station at Midnight2
Episode 15Craig HassallWild Wood2
Episode 16Dennis MundayTo Be Someone
Whole Point of No Return
Wild Wood
Episode 17Pete PaphidesSunflower
Kosmos SX Dub 2000
Episode 18Alan McGeeThe Butterfly Collector1
Episode 19Hilary RobertsonHeadstart For Happiness2
Episode 20Zeke ManyikaMy Ever Changing Moods1
Episode 21Anthony HartyDown In the Seine1
Episode 22Kevin MillerThe Paris Match1
Episode 23Jaye Ella-RuthFuneral Pyre
It’s a Very Deep Sea
Episode 24Ashley SlaterWild Wood4
Episode 25Billy ChapmanHeadstart For Happiness
Long Hot Summer
Move On Up
Episode 26Neil JonesFrightened1
Episode 27Steve RapportThat’s Entertainment1
Episode 28Jeff SlateThe Eton Rifles1
Episode 29Jill Webb
Steve Hinders
Saturday’s Kids
Thick As Thieves
Episode 30Danny EcclestonLong Hot Summer (Extended Mix)2
Episode 31Christophe Vaillant – Le Super HomardShout To The Top1
Episode 32Chris DiffordCosmic Fringes1
Episode 33Paul FrancisIt’s a Very Deep Sea2
Episode 34Polly BirkbeckDown in the Tube Station at Midnight3
Episode 35Mick TalbotÀ Paris EP1
Episode 36Alex BorgShades of Blue1
Episode 37Fat Pop (Vol 1) Special
Episode 38Matt DeightonShopping1
Episode 39Bill SmithEnglish Rose1
Episode 40Damon MinchellaStrange Museum1
Episode 41Martyn GoddardDown in the Tube Station at Midnight4
Episode 42Rick BucklerAbsolute Beginners2
Episode 43Daniel RachelMan In the Cornershop1
Episode 44Neil SheasbyÀ Paris EP2
Episode 45John HarrisLong Hot Summer (Extended Mix)2
Episode 46Dave SwiftWill it Go Round In Circles1
Episode 47Steve TriggThe Butterfly Collector2
Episode 48Peter GordonMy Ever Changing Moods2
Episode 49Kathryn WilliamsWild Wood
Episode 50Steve WheatleyAbove The Clouds1
Episode 51Aziz IbrahimThat’s Entertainment2
Episode 52Chris GreenGravity2
Episode 53Steve BrookesTime Passes1
Episode 54Shaun HandTales From The Riverbank1
Episode 55Sam BrownGoing Underground1
Episode 56Jacko PeakeChanging of the Guard1
Episode 57Hannah PeelPrivate Hell1
Episode 58Dylan JonesThe Butterfly Collector3
Episode 59The Jam TartsJane – Start!
Jackie – Town Called Malice
Rachel – You Do Something To Me
Episode 60Declan O’RourkeThat’s Entertainment
Still Glides The Stream
Episode 61Neil ‘Twink’ TinningsScrape Away1
Episode 62Jon AbnettStrange Town
Episode 63John WilsonThick As Thieves
Wild Wood
My Ever Changing Moods
The Paris Match
Episode 64Seckou KeitaAny Solo
Episode 65Peter WilsonLong Hot Summer
Town Called Malice
You’re The Best Thing
Episode 66David LinesAll The Pictures on the Wall (Demo)1
Episode 67Andy CroftsTales From The Riverbank
Episode 68Sonja PhillipsYou Do Something To Me
Episode 69Steve EllisNo Answer!
Episode 70Kenny WheelerThat’s Entertainment
Speak Like a Child
Broken Stones
Episode 71Conor O’BrienScience1
Episode 72Derek D’SouzaGravity4
Episode 73Camelle HindsBoy Who Cried Wolf1
Episode 74Chris BostockMy Ever Changing Moods4
Episode 75Barbara SnowMy Ever Changing Moods5
Episode 76Chris ParryThat’s Entertainment4
Episode 77Tom DoyleInto Tomorrow
Episode 78Junior GiscombeLong Hot Summer
Episode 79Eddie PillerBull Rush
Episode 80Nicole NodlandYou’re The Best Thing
Episode 81Roger NowellPeacock Suit
Episode 82Omar LyefookThe Eton Rifles
Episode 83Tracie YoungMy Ever Changing Moods (Band Version)6
Episode 84Rhoda DakarIt’s Very Deep Sea3
Episode 85Max BeesleyYou Do Something To Me2
Episode 86Martin HopewellWild Wood7
Episode 87Tom Van HeelThe Changing Man
Episode 88Gary CrowleyLife from a Window
Episode 89Steve ‘Tufty’ CarverDown In The Tube Station at Midnight5
Episode 90Barrie CadoganAway From The Numbers
Episode 91Ernie McKoneSoul Deep
Episode 92Dot AllisonYou Do Something To Me3
Episode 93Rod ArgentYou Do Something To Me4
Episode 94Tim ParsonsEnglish Rose
Episode 95Phil VeacockBroken Stones
Long Long Road
Episode 96Debsey WykesPretty Green
Episode 97Shane JusonWhen You’re Young
Episode 98Den DavisMan In The Cornershop
Walls Come Tumbling Down
From The Floorboards Up
Episode 99Chris BangsWalls Come Tumbling Down
Episode 100Ann WellerTown Called Malice
You’re The Best Thing
Episode 101Danny Thompson“It’s 45 year long song!”
Episode 102Claire MahoneyBoy about Town
Episode 103PP ArnoldYou’re The Best Thing
Episode 104Guy BarkerWalking The Night
Long Long Road
Episode 105Annajoy DavidMoney Go Round
Episode 106Yolanda CharlesInto Tomorrow
Episode 107Olly BallSpeak Like Child
Episode 108Eliza CarthyWild Wood8
Episode 109Steve PilgrimBe Happy Children
Episode 110Rick Buckler Part 2N/A
Episode 111David PottingerFly
Episode 112Gered MankowitzN/A
Episode 113Little Jo RuoccoIt’s a Very Deep Sea
How She Threw It all away
Episode 114Billy BraggThat’s Entertainment5
Episode 115Nigel “Spanner” SweeneyInto Tomorrow
Episode 116Paul BarryDown In The Tube Station at Midnight6
Episode 117David CracknellAmongst Butterflies
Episode 118Bruce FoxtonBroken Stones
Episode 119Will of the People – John WilsonN/A
Episode 120Jezar – Jeremy Murray WakefieldSpeak Like Child
Episode 121Lawrence WatsonEnglish Rose
Episode 122Steve SidlnykHomebreakers
The Lodgers
Episode 123Edgar JonesShopping2
Episode 124Simon FowlerDown In The Tube Station at Midnight7
Episode 125Helen TurnerWild Wood9
Episode 126Jill FurmanovskyWild Wood10
Episode 127Bill Wheeler
Episode 128Terry Edwards
Episode 129Virginia Turbett
Episode 130Stewart Presser
Episode 131Christopher Holland
Episode 132Richard Houghton
Episode 133Souad Massi
Episode 134Nick Heyward
Episode 135Andy Rosen
Episode 136Darren Fletcher
Episode 137Jamie Johnson
Episode 138Barry Cain
Episode 139Dylan Jones – Magic Special N/A
Episode 140Steve Barron
Episode 141Pete MasonA Year Late