Episode 150: Brendan Lynch – Producer, Engineer, Remixer – The Style Council, Paul Weller, Wild Wood, Stanley Road, Heavy Soul and more…

As we celebrate 150 episodes of The Paul Weller Fan Podcast, what better way to mark the occasion than an episode with elusive producer, Brendan Lynch.
From working with The Style Council as an engineer towards the end of their life-cycle (Modernism/Promised Land/King Truman) to co-producing a series of outstanding solo album releases with Paul Weller. We’re talking that Paul Weller debut solo album, Wild Wood, Stanley Road, Heavy Soul and Heliocentric.

He has also engineered and / or produced for Primal Scream, Young Disciples, Ocean Colour Scene, 22-20s, Carleen Anderson and more…

During his time working with Paul, Brendan also gave us some epic remixes on tracks such as Kosmos, Science and Sunflower. (I’ve put links below so that you can have a listen).

He has also remixed songs for the likes of Massive Attack, Air, Young Disciples, Dr John and Oasis (Champagne Supernova which was the band’s first remix!). He was also a member of Paul Weller’s touring band in the Heavy Soul period performing live with the band on numerous occasions.

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EP150 – Brendan Lynch – Producer, Engineer, Remixer – Paul Weller, Wild Wood, Stanley Road, Heavy Soul and more… Paul Weller Fan Podcast : Desperately Seeking Paul

The Role of the Producer…

A music producer’s impact extends far beyond the sonic realm. They act as a trusted advisor, offering valuable insights, constructive criticism, and fresh perspectives. Their role in the recording process is crucial, ensuring that each instrument and vocal performance is captured flawlessly. They meticulously balance the mix, adjusting levels and frequencies to create a compelling and immersive sonic experience.

A skilled producer can bring out the best performances from the artist and session musicians, creating an environment conducive to creativity and excellence. They know how to create the perfect sonic landscape for each song, carefully selecting recording techniques, microphone placements, and studio environments to capture the desired mood and energy.

As listeners, we owe a debt of gratitude to these unsung heroes who work tirelessly behind the scenes, ensuring that the music we love resonates deeply within us and stands the test of time.

1993 – Kosmos SXDub 2000

B-side to the single Sunflower (which also featured a new mix of That Spiritual Feeling with horns from The J.B.’s.!)

1994 – Kosmos – Lynch Mob Bonus Beats Full Version

B-side to single Hung Up.
Quoted on the Fly on the Wall boxset. Paul said “Big in the box at the time, especially with Andrew Weatherall, who would finish his set with this (bless him!). Mainly Bren’s creation, tho’ we all pitched in ideas. Quite revolutionary at the time.

1994 – Sunflower – Lynch Mob Dub

B-side to Out of the Sinking.
It also came out on a 7″ single on the cover of NME in September 1994. 

1998 – Science with the Psychonauts – A Lynch Mob Remix

Paul Weller – “DJ Pablo from the Psychonauts co-mixed this. We had two acetates cut of the song and he scratched them together using his freestyle skills. The results were edited and other sounds played over the top. Nice.”

2005 – From The Floorboards Up (Lynchmob Remixes)

The vocal version came with the Japanese release of Come On Let’s Go
The instrumental was released as part of 2 x Remix EP and on the B-side of the main single.

2008 – Rip The Pages Up (Lynchmob Mix)

B-side to the 7″ single of Have You Made Up Your Mind from 22 Dreams

2010 – Fast Car, Slow Traffic (The Primal Scream Remix)

Credited to Andrew Innes, Bobby Gillespie and Brendan Lynch…

Writing Credits

Another New Day part of The Weaver EP, (with writing credits for Weller, Lynch, White) – Beats = Brendan Lynch and Steve White, all other instruments: Paul Weller and Brendan Lynch… Paul is quoted as saying “Me and Lynchy busking over some loops!”
Instrumental Part 1 and Part 2 on the album Wild Wood have a co-write credit with Paul.
The Changingman Brendan gained co-write credit for the music with Paul Weller. The song features Paul on vocals, guitar, piano and shakers with Steve White on drums, Dr. Robert on bass, Steve Cradock on guitar and Carleen Anderson, Dr. Robert and Steve Cradock on back-up vocals.
Steam b-side to Broken Stones. This was another co-write with Paul. “This is the drumtrack from Whirlpool’s End slowed down, along with a chaotic collage of various instruments from other songs on Stanley Road. The goodbye at the end was a happy accident that occurred when we plugged the TV into the desk on final mixdown.”
So You Want To Be A Dancer b-side to Mermaids (the fourth single from Heavy Soul LP) was written by Brendan, Marco Nelson, Matt Deighton, Steve White and Paul Weller. “Anoher jam which Brendan took away and applied cut up technique to – one of the better ones I think.”
Rip The Pages Up part of the deluxe version of 22 Dreams in 2008 – with engineer credits for Brendan Lynch and Charles Rees plus Max Hayes for the mix. Paul Weller is on vocals and guitar with Brendan Lynch on all other instruments. There was also a Lynchmob Mix of the track on the b-side to single Have You Made Up Your Mind and a “vocal version” on 2022’s Will of People album.

PW Playing Credits

Wild Wood – 1993

Can You Heal Us (Holy Man) – Handclaps with Paul and Max Beesley
5th Season – Mellotron, Synthesizer [Mini-Moog]
Country – Stylophone
5th Season – Synthesizer [Mini-Moog]
Shadow Of The Sun – Synthesizer [Mini-Moog], Mellotron

The Weaver EP – 1993

This Is No Time
(The Weaver EP) – Keyboards Mini-Moog

Stanley Road – 1995

The Changingman – Instruments [Cyremin]
Stanley Road – Keyboards [Mini-moog] 
Broken Stones – Tambourine, Accordion
Pink on White Walls – Finger Cymbals, Vocals
Whirlpools’ End – Instruments [Cyremin]

Heavy Soul – 1997

Up in Suzes’ Room – Synthesizer [Mini Moog]
Brushed – Sounds [All Other Sounds] with Max Hayes
Driving Nowhere – Harmonium
I Should Have Been There To Inspire You – Accordion
As You Lean Into The Light – Synthesizer [Mini Moog]

Brand New Start – Single – 1998 Single

Keyboards on Brand New Start, and b-side Right Underneath It with Sound Effects on The Riverbank

Heliocentric – 2000

He’s The Keeper – Glockenspiel (plus noises (beertops) and bells with Clive Spackman and Paul Weller.
Back In The Fire – Keyboards [Mini-moog]
With Time & Temperance – Keyboards [Mini-moog], Glockenspiel

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