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I’m Dan Jennings and ten years ago I gave up my life’s dream and career as a radio presenter, with one big regret… Never getting to interview my hero, the legendary singer, songwriter and musician Paul Weller.
This podcast exists purely to solve that issue…
Welcome to Desperately Seeking Paul !

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Podcast Episodes

The Jam

  • The Jam - In The City - Album Cover
  • The Jam - This Is The Modern World - Album Cover
  • The Jam - All Mod Cons - Album Cover
  • The Jam - Setting Sons - Album Cover
  • The Jam - Sound Affects - Album Cover
  • The Jam - The Gift - Album Cover

Our story kicks off in 1972 with Paul Weller in a duo with Steve Brookes and takes us through to their legacy from 1977-1982 with Paul, Bruce Foxton and Rick Buckler.
We’ll hear about The Jam‘s rise to become ‘The best band in the f**king world!’ – 17 singles, 6 studio albums and over 500 gigs gives us plenty to talk about.
We’ll hear from the fans, the band members, the producers, collaborators, music journalists of the time and more…

The Style Council

  • The Style Council - Introducing - Cover
  • The Style Council - Cafe Bleu - Album Cover
  • The Style Council - Our Favourite Shop - Album Cover
  • The Style Council - The Cost of Loving - Album Cover
  • The Style Council - The Confessions of a Pop Group - Album Cover
  • The Style Council - Singular Adventures - Album Cover
  • The Style Council - Modernism - Album Cover
  • The Style Council - Here's Some That Got Away - Album Cover

In early 1983, Paul Weller  formed The Style Council with friend and confidante Mick Talbot – adding drummer, Steve White and singer, Dee C Lee for an incredible ever evolving musical journey.
We’ll hear from band members, the fans, producers, studio technicians, collaborators, Solid Bond crew and, of course, the Honorary Councillors.


  • Paul Weller - Paul Weller - Album Cover
  • Paul Weller - Wild Wood - Album Cover
  • Paul Weller - Stanley Road - Album Cover
  • Paul Weller - Heavy Soul - Album Cover
  • Paul Weller - Modern Classics - Album Cover
  • Paul Weller - Heliocentric - Album Cover
  • Paul Weller - Illumination - Album Cover
  • Paul Weller - Fly on the Wall - Album Cover
  • Paul Weller - Studio 150 - Album Cover
  • Paul Weller - As Is Now - Album Cover
  • Paul Weller - Hit Parade - Album Cover
  • Paul Weller - At The BBC - Album Cover
  • Paul Weller - 22 Dreams - Album Cover
  • Paul Weller - Wake Up The Nation - Album Cover
  • Paul Weller - Sonik Kicks - Album Cover
  • Paul Weller - More Modern Classics - Album Cover
  • Paul Weller - Saturns Pattern - Album Cover
  • Paul Weller - A Kind Revolution  - Album Cover
  • Paul Weller - True Meanings  - Album Cover
  • Paul Weller -On Sunset  - Album Cover
  • Paul Weller -Fat Pop - Album Cover
  • Paul Weller - An Orchestrated Songbook - Album Cover
  • Paul Weller - Will of the People - Album Cover

In 1989, Paul Weller saw himself without a band and recording deal for the first time since he was 17. We’ll dive in to stories from those early years of ‘The Movement’ through his climb back to the top of the charts, through 16 studio albums, 7 live LPs, and incredible singles & EPs in a solo-career that has now entered it’s 4th decade.

I’m always looking forward to what I’m doing now, and what’s ahead.

Paul Weller

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