Episode 10 – Timothy Shepard – 22 Dreams Artist…

This episode of The Paul Weller Fan Podcast was first broadcast in January 2021.
Timothy Shepard is an expatriate American artist who grew up between the USA and the UK, settling permanently in London via Paris after going to University in New York City and Washington DC.

Timothy has created a number of album covers, including Paul Weller 22 Dreams (2008), and Kevin Ayers, The Unfairground (2007). He has also created a number of music videos, usually working with Super8 or 16mm Cinefilm, including for Kevin Ayers, The Go-Betweens, Terry Edwards and Bandante (George Vjestica – Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds).

22 Dreams Album Artwork

A psychogeographic walk around Paul Weller’s recording studio – Black Barn – in the Surrey countryside – revisited throughout the year as he recorded his double album 22 Dreams.

Timothy has been Artist in Residence at the Centre de Sculpture in Montolieu and at The Aldeburgh Beach Lookout in Suffolk.
He was awarded the inaugural Francis Carnwath Prize for the Arts (2021) for his project – Lookout Line.

He says that he is “interested in the overlapping relationships between perception, consciousness and memory an area that has accompanied him throughout his practice working with paper, photography, cine film and music composition as well as numerous project collaborations over both short and long terms.”

Find out more about Timothy’s work in art, film and music at timshepard.co.uk

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EP10 – Timothy Shepard – 22 Dreams Artist – "And all the pictures on the wall, serve only to remind you of it all" Paul Weller Fan Podcast : Desperately Seeking Paul


Timothy founded and curated the experimental music label, Underground Sounds (1996- 2000).
The idea was to challenge issues around copyright infringement over sampled music, and cut and paste in the arts in general.
The label released sample-based music from alternative musicians from the UK and Germany on limited edition vinyl at a time when only a handful of shops (globally) stocked vinyl, whilst making the label’s catalogue freely available as mp3 downloads from the label website.
Some Underground Sounds releases consisted of an EP with an original band recording by an artist working with the label and a collection of new originals made by sample artists given free rein to chop and cut and paste whatever they wanted from the masters to make a new original.

Long Ago Forgotten

A soundtrack for an imaginary film.

This project saw the release of an 11 track album of music compositions meticulously collaged from hand triggered audio samples of music fragments sourced from early glass audiodisc recordings and junk store records collected over the years along the Golborne Rd, Notting Hill.

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