Episode 100 Celebration: Ann Weller – Queen Weller! Paul’s mum talks The Jam to now, fan clubs, John Weller and more…

So here we are – Episode 100 of The Paul Weller Fan Podcast – who would have thought it?
Firstly – thanks to you for listening, thanks for your support , your shares and your thoughts – its all helped to get us to number one on iTunes and to grow listeners to the podcast over the past 18 months.
Thanks to my wife and family for letting me do this thing – evenings, weekends and holidays spent creating something I hope is truly unique and special to fans of Paul Weller.

To all the guests from past and future – it would be nothing without you – your honesty, warmth, stories and generosity is hugely appreciated.

And of course thanks to Paul Weller! For the music – the live gigs – the story arc of 50 years from the creation of The Jam with Steve Brookes to now – and here’s hoping for some time with Paul in the future for what will undoubtably be an epic interview at some point in the future right ?

Episode 100 – takes us to Ripley – the Surrey village that is home to Paul’s studio Black Barn – and also home for Paul’s mum – Ann Weller.
I always had Ann in mind as our centenary episode guest as was absolutely delighted to get a YES to my request – INCREDIBLE!
Ann is not just Paul’s mum – but she has been a key player in his story from The Jam to now – together with John, her dear late husband , Paul and Nicky’s father, who managed The Jam, The Style Council and Paul Solo for over 30 years, until his sad passing in 2009.
This was an absolute honour to spend time with Ann chatting over a cuppa and scone for a very special conversation… I hope you enjoy – and thanks again for listening to our journey so far…

Have a listen to our podcast chat and share your thoughts and the things that you have learnt over the past 100 episodes below!

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EP100 – Ann Weller – Podcast Centenary Celebration! – ”In the warmth of your smile, lighting up my day…” Paul Weller Fan Podcast : Desperately Seeking Paul

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Your reflections on 100 Episodes…

Andy Young
The sheer numbers of people that have connected either directly or indirectly through Paul and his music are phenomenal. There are a few ‘themes’ that have sprung up throughout the series, listening to different people.
1. Paul is a really hard working fella who pushes himself and those around him to new levels.
2. He has matured into a very rounded person, under the circumstances of life-long fame (well, since he was a nipper anyway).
3. He is a bit of an imp. I think this came out in a more public way during his Style Council days, but he seems to have a very dry sense of humour.
4. He doesn’t suffer fools gladly, and why should he?
5. He has a memory like an elephant, particularly for names.
6. He can always “hear a bit of piano” or a “bit of brass” on that.
7. He makes a good cup of tea. 8. He is extremely generous with his time and advice, which is possibly the thing I respect him most for.

Paul McKenzie @MaccaTHFC
I guess I have always felt in tune with Dan Jennings from his unique introduction. As a former journalist who gave it all up to become a school teacher, I understood and related to Dan’s BIG regret and frustrations about giving up a career you love without getting the ONE big interview you always wanted. Hearing Dan dust off the old skills and emerge from being a fanboy who thrives on Paul Weller I-Love- Paul Weller-stories that where thin and fawning into a fantastic interviewer who lives and dies by research has been one of the many delights on this great podcast. The insight into early Paul Weller (in particular Red Wedge & PW Movement, years that fascinated me…because he was angry and down and almost out) came from the likes of Aziz Ibrahim, Zeke Manyika and Junior Giscombe whose stories were informative and entertaining. However the real entertainment came from the best storytellers who reached back into the 70s to tell not just Weller stories but cultural tales from an age that really was the best of times and the worst of times. So take a bow, Steve Ellis, Tim Parsons and the best episode of the lot…David Lines. One must also mention the episodes of Hannah Peel and Kathryn Williams, two amazing talents who I would have missed out on if I had not been in the Paul Weller sphere. Both episodes did what I love as a teacher…they thought me something. I came out learning more about music, lyrics and melodies and that’s a good thing. In Weller’s world, I reckon that’s everything.

Stu Wilkinson @CaptDarlin
Highpoints – Matt Deighton, what a lovely guy and talented Kathryn Williams lovely. But going to the live event. I’ve meet Gary Crowley a few times always a great listen. Inclusive is what I heard, almost all your guests come across that music is for everyone and they would want to help you. Making everyone included. Wasn’t this what punk was about….? Also I’ve learnt you really do your homework before. And lastly fuck me!!! Tufty can swear…. O I look like Tracey Young ex husband, have a good day

Jim Gearing via Email
Hi Dan, really looking forward to episode 100.
Congrats! Highlights for me have been the episodes with Gary Crowley (you have to do a part 2 with Gary!), Mick Talbot, Neil’s Jones & Sheasby from Stone Foundation, Tracie Young and Kenny Wheeler. I’ve learnt about all those musicians who’s names have appeared on all these records I have bought over the years and that’s led to me discovering some great new music. My wish list is to hear you interview Bruce Foxton, Steve White, Paul Barry & John Robinson of The Questions and the man himself Mr Paul Weller ! Here’s hoping! All the best & hoping for many more Tuesday podcasts!

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  1. One hundred not out ! As a listener since episode 1 , in this age of social media, I thought Dan would crack a chat with the guvnor within 10-15 episodes, but thankfully for the (increasing) listening public, the quest goes on !!?? Congrats Dan on a fabulous show, and the Queen of Ripley had me smiling for the whole episode……”blinking heck “

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