Episode 117: David Cracknell – Former Political Editor of The Sunday Times – Paul Weller SuperFan…

This is a chat full of wonderful memories and curveballs that I know you’re going to love, as I’m joined former political editor of The Sunday Times – David Cracknell.

David is not only a huge Paul Weller fan who has been inspired by our podcast subject for so much of his life but he’s also taken Dee C Lee to Prime Minster Questions and here’s the thing – he played piano on a single by Gabrielle and Paul Weller called Why.

The story of which we will discover in our chat.

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EP117 – David Cracknell – Paul Weller Fan, Political Journalist… ”The summer’s kiss of love and adventure…” Paul Weller Fan Podcast : Desperately Seeking Paul

Gabrielle – Why (with Paul Weller and David ‘Crackers’ Cracknell!)

Woodland Heritage

I also wanted to give a plug to the charity that David works for now, Woodland Heritage, which was started 25 years ago by a couple of furniture makers to promote the good management of woodlands for fine oak and other British hardwoods. The team are looking for more woodcutters’ sons (and daughters) out there to help spread the word woodlandheritage.org

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