Episode 120: Jezar AKA Jeremy Murray-Wakefield – The Style Council – Engineer and Mixer…

In this episode of the Paul Weller Fan Podcast, we hear the story of a man known on your Style Council sleeve notes as Jezar – who’s actually Jeremy Murray-Wakefield.

From a random beginning, meeting John Weller and joining Solid Bond Studios in 1984 as a junior assistant for Peter Wilson, to keyboard sequencing on Our Favourite Shop through to his promotion to Chief Engineer for elements of The Cost of Loving and on the Confessions of a Pop Group album.

We hear the studio secrets of Solid Bond from the original analogue equipment to the transformation to digital, heaps of creativity and trying new things, experimentation and the creation of those songs that we know and love.

We hear about Jezar’s “epic fail” and something that effected the course of his life in many ways and his switch of career after TSC – following some advice from John Weller – and how the vast majority of this life since has been focused on the usability of technology with some pretty major successes…

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EP120 – Jezar – The Style Council – Engineer & Mixer Paul Weller Fan Podcast : Desperately Seeking Paul

1985 – Our Favourite Shop – The Style Council

Jeremy has a credit for keyboard sequencing (with Peter Wilson) on the song Boy Who Cried Wolf.

1987 – The Cost of Loving – The Style Council

Recorded in May, August and October 1986 and released in February 1987.
Jezar is credited on the sleeve notes for “the Orange album” as follows:-
Engineered – Jezar and Alan Leeming.
Sequencing by Jezar.

1988 – Confessions of a Pop Group – The Style Council

Produced by Paul and Mick, the album was mixed and engineered by Jezar with an additional credit for ‘sequencing and drum machines operated by Jezar’.
TSCLP5 was released in June 1988.

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