Episode 126: Jill Furmanovsky, Award-Winning Music Photographer

On this episode of The Paul Weller Fan Podcast, we hear the incredible story of another absolute legend – the multi-award-winning music photographer – Jill Furmanovsky.
We kick off her story in 1965, as she emigrated from Zimbabwe with her parents to England, on to studying graphic design and starting her career in 1972, when she became in-house photographer at the Rainbow Theatre specialising in live rock concerts.

Over the last fifty years she has photographed some of the greatest musicians in the world including Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, Madness, Debbie Harry, Pink Floyd, Oasis, Bob Dylan, Joy Division, Queen, Tom Waits, Chrissie Hynde, The Clash, Bjork and Amy Winehouse…

And of course – The Jam, capturing many incredible shots from their live gigs, along with Paul Weller for The Face Magazine and at Glastonbury Festival as other examples…

We also hear about RockArchive.com – an incredible online home for music photography, that Jill founded in 1998, which features over 1000 images by more than 80 photographers and graphic designers from all over the world.

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EP126 – Jill Furmanovsky – Multi-Award-Winning Music Photographer – RockArchive.com Paul Weller Fan Podcast : Desperately Seeking Paul

Jill Furmanovsky – Paul Weller Photos – Check out Rock Archive here.

The Face – Photos by Jill Furmanovsky (Scan by Brother Sheas!)

Rock Archive – Check out Rock Archive here.

Jill Furmanovsky founded Rockarchive in 1998, inspired by the world renowned Magnum Photo Agency, she wanted to make her work, and that of other music photographers and visual artists, more accessible for fans and collectors to own.
Since then the archive has grown in volume and stature, and now publishes over 1000 images by more than 80 photographers and graphic designers. As well as producing and selling limited edition prints, the team at Rock Archive also now curate and design exhibitions for galleries and public institutions both in the UK and across the world.
Whether capturing the spirit of a live show, collaborating directly with musicians to create unforgettable record covers, or shooting timeless documentary images, Rockarchive’s distinguished contributors work represents the very best in music photography. Look closely at the pictures, read the captions, and you will suddenly find yourself there – in that moment. That is the power of music photography at its best.

Oasis – Knebworth – Daniel Rachel & Jill Furmanovsky

An access-all-areas book marking the 25th anniversary of the era-defining Oasis concerts at Knebworth, with hundreds of never-before-seen stunning images taken by acclaimed music photographer Jill Furmanovsky – and words from Daniel Rachel – including contributions from Noel Gallagher and Alan McGee.
‘A wonderful document of the last great gathering of the pre-internet age. No camera phones, no social media, just a band and its fans as one’. NOEL GALLAGHER
Buy the book here.

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