Episode 127: Bill Wheeler – Tour Manager for Paul Weller HQ

What a way to kick off our podcasts for 2023 !
Another world exclusive as Bill Wheeler – Paul Weller’s Tour Manager joins us to share his story…
First credited as part of the set up around the time of 22 Dreams – Bill is the son of the legend that is Kenny Wheeler.
We’ll hear how he first got involved in the Weller set up via merch to itineraries and taking on a bigger role in the set up, touring the UK, Europe, North America, Japan & Australia in his time with PW.
We’ll also hear how he got to play on some recordings with Paul Weller with more info below.
It’s a real honour to have Bill on the podcast so I hope you enjoy our chat.
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EP127 – Bill Wheeler – Tour Manager, Paul Weller HQ Desperately Seeking Paul : Paul Weller Fan Podcast

Bill Wheeler on Record !

Originally released around the time of Sonik Kicks via Dragonfly 12″ EP / When Your Garden’s Overgrown single and popping up again on the recent Paul Weller Triple LP – Will of the People.
Paul’s sleevenotes say “This was fun to do – it’s got Bill Wheeler on fuzz guitar too which is rare. This was done in 1st or 2nd take, as a lot of these tunes were.”

Incredibly, on the day of recording, none of the band had heard the song!. Bill is credited with playing guitar on this track with Paul Weller on vocals, electric guitar and synth, Josh McClorey on Slide Guitar, Tom Van Heel on Drums and Engineer, Charles Rees on Bass, Percussion [Egg Whisk!].

I AM A ROADRUNNER – Deluxe version of the same album
In the excellent ‘Sounds from the Studio’ book by Ian Snowball, Steve Brookes is quoted as saying… “There was me, Paul, Andy Crofts and Bill Wheeler… Bill started playing some grungy guitar over the track and Paul liked it and wanted to jam it out…”

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