Episode 171: All Mod Cons – The World’s First Tribute to The Jam… Barry Pugatch and Andy Cook share their story…

On this episode of the podcast, we hear the story of Barry Pugatch and Andy Cook – two fans of The Jam who ended up bringing one of the original tribute bands from the US to the UK for sell out performances in the 1990s.

All Mod Cons were created in Boston, New England, USA in 1989 with Barry as Paul Weller on lead vocals and guitar with his pals – Glenn Matto (Bruce Foxton) on bass and vocals and AJ Beaulieu (Rick Buckler) on drums.

What follows is a remarkable story of connections via a Paul Weller fanzine that saw Andy Cook take on management of the band to bring them to the UK for tours in the 1990s and 2000’s.

This was pre-From The Jam, pre-The Gift – it was really pre-tribute bands bar the odd couple like Bjorn Again and Australian Pink Floyd.
At the time, All Mod Cons were also really the only way to hear a full set of those classic songs by The Jam live in concert.

In our podcast chat, you’ll how they both got to meet and interact with Paul, Bruce and Rick on various occasions.. and even how Barry got to jam with Paul in a unique location!…

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EP171 – All Mod Cons – Barry Pugatch and Andy Cook share their story… Paul Weller Fan Podcast : Desperately Seeking Paul

Nick Keen via Facebook “Dug out my collection of Boys About Fanzines Dan. All Mod Cons in issue 5.”

Thanks to Andy Picken on X for sharing these from Andy Wyness’s old fanzine WIB…

Paul Smith on Facebook
Hi Dan, I’ve not listened to this one yet, but I’ve got a great story about All Mod Cons the tribute band. I went to see them in the 90s at the London Astoria..the room was electric.The lead singer came on and he was wearing dark sun glasses, I’m sure but I think they started with pretty Green.. He walked up to sing the first line and someone through a can of bear at him and knocked his glasses clean off..They were so brave and gave a great performance.

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