Episode 3: Russell Hastings – From The Jam

Russell Hastings is a British guitarist and vocalist primarily known for his work with From the Jam who joined me on Episode 3 of The Paul Weller Fan Podcast.

We hear how, growing up, Russell was always a big music fan and developed an untethered passion for the Jam, first seeing them in Portsmouth and attending many of their gigs across the country (he estimates around 30 times).

Years later, after the band split, he developed a friendship with drummer Rick Buckler, and the two went on to form a new project called The Gift in 2006, which became known for performing Jam material. Later that year, the band performed a number of gigs with Bruce Foxton (former bass player of the Jam). This led to Bruce remaining with the ensemble full-time and the group later renamed themselves From the Jam.

Russell is the only frontman to have worked with both Rick Buckler and Bruce Foxton since Paul Weller split The Jam in 1982.

As a genuine Jam fan, his passion and understanding of The Jam’s history pours out in our podcast chat as does his love of playing these magnificent songs for a living and touring the world playing to packed houses of Jam fans for years.

Russell and Bruce have also created some brilliant albums of original songs together – with Back In The Room released to great acclaim in 2012 (Bruce’s first solo album since 1984), Smash the Clock released in 2016 and their latest album called The Butterfly Effect, released in 2022.

The band are often on on tour throughout the UK. Find out more at songkick.com

EP03 – Russell Hastings – From The Jam Paul Weller Fan Podcast : Desperately Seeking Paul

From The Jam – A 1st Class Set – 2008

A 1st Class Set is a live album performed by From the Jam that was released back in 2008. The line up at this time featured The Jam bassist Bruce Foxton and drummer Rick Buckler with singer / guitarist Russell Hastings and Dave Moore on keyboards and guitar. Recorded at The Forum in London, it contains 25 tracks including A Town Called Malice, Going Underground, Strange Town, Ghosts and Pretty Green.
You can find it on Spotify here – https://open.spotify.com/album/7dgNmWaClou0Kq6wcDfWXC

Bruce Foxton – Back in the Room – 2012

Originally billed as a solo album from Bruce Foxton – Back in the Room also features Russell Hastings and Big Country’s Mark Brzezicki with Russell as a co-writer on the album too.
The LP reached number 21 in the independent album charts and was recorded at Black Barn (Paul Weller HQ) and even boasts a very special guest on three songs in Mr Weller himself. (Track 2 – Number Six, Track 4 – Window Shopping, Track 10 – Coming on Strong). Other guest musicians include Steve Cropper (Booker T & the MG’s/The Blues Brothers) and Spandau Ballet’s Steve Norman.
You can find it on Spotify here – https://open.spotify.com/album/44zQMvraFYGRp115QNzCDu

Bruce Foxton & Russell Hastings – Smash The Clock – 2016

Again recorded at Black Barn Studios, Smash the Clock featured 13 co-writes from Russell and Bruce with guest appearances from Paul Jones, Wilko Johnson and Paul Weller again, who contributed guitar and piano to a number of tracks. Black Barn Engineer, Charles Rees asked if the record had a brief. Russell said no, “it’s just a collection of great songs, let’s just get it down.”
Bruce says the meaning of title track ‘Smash The Clock’ is simply that “good music is ageless and timeless”.
You can find it on Spotify here – https://open.spotify.com/album/2p0DR2AsC9Vj6AtjWGEpV5

Bruce Foxton & Russell Hastings – From The Jam Live! – 2017

To celebrate 10 years of Russell and Bruce being on the road together, they decided to record and release a live album that really captured what they’re all about. 
From The Jam Live! illustrates the very best of the band’s live performance, where the band and crowd were at one with each other, creating an exhilarating power-packed set that still echoes around the venues they play to this day!
The album features classics like In The City, Saturdays Kids, Start! and The Eton Rifles.
You can listen on Spotify here – https://open.spotify.com/album/6rtanVTzeBF5WDVfS2sqgh

Bruce Foxton & Russell Hastings – The Butterfly Effect – 2022

From the stunning album artwork (guitar plectrums and strings cleverly positioned as butterflies in the striking blue and red vinyl colourways), this is an joyous album from Russell and Bruce. 12 songs packed full of melody that blend so many of their influences different musical genres and styles. A triumph!.
You can order the album at foxtonandhastings.tmstor.es

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