Episode 7: Ian Snowball (Snowy) – Author – Sounds from the Studio, Soul Deep, Thick As Thieves & More…

Writer Ian Snowball joined me on Episode 7 of The Paul Weller Fan Podcast.
Born in Maidstone, Kent in 1970, Snowy bought his first 45rpm in 1981 which was That’s Entertainment by The Jam. Grew up in an era and area where the Tribes of the day roamed. These Tribes of Mods, Skinheads, Punks, Soul Boys and so on and various other musical and fashion influences of the 1980s shaped who he has become, the clothes he likes and the music he adores, especially Northern Soul, Reggae, most of what burst out of the 60s, Acid House and Psychedelic.
Snowy has had more than 30 books published, including some co-written with Episode 1 guest, Stuart Deabill – Thick as Thieves: Personal Situations with The Jam, Supersonic (about Oasis) and From Ronnie’s To Ravers (London’s iconic nightlife) along with the 2021 publication of Soul Deep – Adventures of the Style Council.
Snowy also collaborated with The Jam’s Rick Buckler on his autobiography That’s Entertainment: My Life in the Jam (more on that on Episode 42 with Rick).
In our podcast chat we mainly covered off Sounds from the Studio his 2017 publication covering the making of each Weller LP from Saturns Pattern back to In The City.

EP07 – Ian Snowball – Sounds from the Studio Paul Weller Fan Podcast : Desperately Seeking Paul

Soul Deep – Sold Out (2021)

Soul Deep – Adventures With The Style Council was a 2021 publication from Stuart Deabill, Ian Snowball and Steve Rowland. Celebrating “probably the best pop group in the world” with words, images and love from former band members, fans and associates.
The book featured new and exclusive interviews with Mick Talbot, Steve White, Camelle Hinds, Simon Halfon, Nicky Weller, Billy Bragg, Gary Crowley, Tracie Young, Dennis Munday, Zeke Manyika, Eddie Piller, Norman Jay MBE, Daniel Rachel, Wendy May, Mark Baxter, Brendan Lynch and many others.

Sounds from The Studio (2017)

Sounds from the Studio was first published in 2017, a year that marked the 40th anniversary of the start of Paul Weller’s recording career. In a really unique format, the book starts in 2015 with the release of what was then his most recent album Saturns Pattern (amazing to think we have had 4 studio albums since then) and then works backwards to the ground-breaking debut from The Jam – In the City. The book includes interviews with artists who have worked with Paul including Noel Gallagher, Steve Cradock, Sir Peter Blake, Mick Talbot, and both Rick Buckler and Bruce Foxton from The Jam as well as many of the studio hands, sleeve designers and interviews with members from Paul’s family. It’s a brilliant read for anyone who wants to get more out of the albums – think of it as a ‘making of’ story. You can buy the book here

That’s Entertainment: My Life in the Jam (2017)

Snowy worked with Rick to tell The Jam story from growing up in Woking and meeting fellow members Paul Weller and Bruce Foxton at school, through their formation in 1972 and the band’s early years before signing to Polydor records.
He provides a year by year account of The Jam’s progress whilst describing what it was like being a part of the music industry during the 70’s and 80’s and some of the characters who he met along the way including the Ramones, John Enwistle, Sid Vicious, Blondie, Boy George and Paul McCartney.
You can buy the book here

This Day In Music’s Guide To The Jam (2017)

This book was previously published as The Dead Straight Guide To The Jam. Rick Buckler talks Snowy through the formation of The Jam and their early days – being signed by Polydor, their first No 1 record, the video shoots, tours and beyond. Buckler also picks the 50 greatest Jam tracks and tells us how they were written, recorded and the stories behind every one of these classic songs.
This book also critiques every Jam studio album as well as listing every Jam tour, The Jam on TV, Awards, video locations and more.
You can buy the book here

Long Hot Summer (2015)

Long Hot Summer is a novel set in the early 1980’s about a young male called Loz. He is trying to navigate his way through his teenage years and the things that are closest to him-the holy trinity of football, fashion and music…and of course girls.
The Jam are Loz’s favourite band and he is part of the Mod wave of the late 70’s and early 80’s, but the new youth movement who call themselves Casuals are beginning to thrive and gain momentum and Loz feels torn as he makes the transition himself as he packs his Mod togs away and replaces them with Pringle jumpers, Lois cords, Adidas trainers and the like. Things in the streets where Loz runs are certainly changing.
You can buy the book here

From Ronnies to Ravers: Personal Situations in London Clubland (2014)

Focusing over 5 decades on the ever changing nature of clubbing in one of the world’s most exciting cities with the people who lived it. From Ronnies to Ravers documents some of London’s best known and favourite clubs. It also shines a spot-light on the clubs that have made the biggest impact and gained worldwide reputations- such as the Wag, the 100 Club and Global Village and as well as the individual nights such as Special Branch , Talking Loud and Saying Nothing and UFO.
The book includes interviews and personal memoirs from some of the people that experienced London’s clubbing scene from any of the decades since the 1950’s. 
You can buy the book here

Supersonic: Personal Situations with Oasis (2013)

This book charts the Manchester band s meteoric rise from the tiny venues of their hometown to playing to 250,000 people over two days in the Summer of 1996, as told by the fans and people who worked closely with the band during these formative years. The book features unseen photos and unheard stories as the authors Deabill and Snowball take the reader back to the nights of riotous gigs, Definitely Maybe, Oasis vs Blur, the mammoth-selling second album What’s The Story (Morning Glory) and how over an eighth of the UK’s population applied for tickets for the band s record-breaking gigs at Knebworth.
You can buy the book here

Thick as Thieves: Personal Situations with The Jam (2012)

Thick as Thieves explores just how influential The Jam were through interviews with the band, journalists, creatives, unusual celebrities and most importantly, the fans.
It is perfect reading for the many thousands of fans still hungry for more.
You can buy the book here

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