Episode 73: Camelle Hinds – Honorary Councillor / The Style Council / Paul Weller Band + Central Line + Hindsight

EP73 – Camelle Hinds – Honorary Councillor + Paul Weller Solo – ”Dry your eyes, they will call, sure is sure, we’ll be one…” Paul Weller Fan Podcast : Desperately Seeking Paul

Camelle Hinds has been involved in the music business, one way or another since the late Seventies – starting with TFB (Typical Funk Band) who went on to become Central Line – having success in the Brit Funk era before disbanding in 1983.

Camelle first met Paul Weller (when he was in The Jam) on a TV Show in Holland before a first connection with The Style Council in 1983. New York house DJ legend, Bert Bevans created club mixes of Money Go Round and Long Hot Summer which both featured Cam on bass.

He turned to singing and song-writing. In 1986 he founded Hindsight but this band disbanded in 1987 and he began recording solo work and became a much asked for session singer and bassist.

In January 1985, Cam was invited to play on The Style Council’s second album Our Favourite Shop going on to join the live band for the Internationalists Tour in 1985 which featured Paul, Mick, Steve White, Dee C Lee, Helen Turner on keys and Camelle on Bass.

We’ll hear about special memories of that time – including July 13th 1985 and that performance in front of 72,000 people in Wembley Stadium for Live Aid ! along with the 3 nights at Wembley, with a 15 piece string section, that was captured on film for the Showbiz video.
Camelle played on each TSC album from that time – I’ve added the credits below – and also featured on the singles – Shout to the Top & The Lodgers, along with Dee C Lee’s 1986 LP Shrine and the 1993 Talbot & White – United States Of Mind album.

When Paul Weller returned as a solo artist in 1991, Camelle joined the live band for a couple of years – and also contributed to a couple of songs on that brilliant first solo LP with credits on Round & Round and Kosmos (Backing Vocals). He also played on the recording of All Year Round (Live) which was the B-Side to the single version of Above the Clouds.

1985 – Our Favourite Shop – The Style Council

Track 1 – Homebreakers
Track 4 – Internationalists
Track 6 – The Stand Up Comic’s Instructions

1986 Home and Abroad (Live)- The Style Council

Camelle played Bass Guitar as part of the band with Paul, Mick, Steve, Dee + Helen Turner, Steve Sidelnyk, Billy Chapman, Stuart Prosser, Chris Lawrence, Guy Barker and Mick Mower.

1987 – The Cost of Loving – The Style Council

Track 3 – Heavens Above
Track 5 – Angel
Track 6 – Walking the Night

1988 – Confessions of a Pop Group – The Style Council

Track 5 – The Gardener of Eden (A Three Piece Suite)
Track 7 – Why I Went Missing
Track 8 – How She Threw It All Away
Track 10 – Confessions 1,2 & 3 – (playing bass and backing vocals)
Track 11 – Confessions of a Pop-Group

1992 – Paul Weller – Paul Weller Album

Track 4 – Round & Round
Track 12 – Kosmos

1998 – Modernism (A New Decade) – The Style Council

Track 8 – Sure is Sure was written by Camelle Hinds & Paul Weller

1998 – In Concert (Live) – The Style Council

Camelle played bass on the recordings taken from Melbourne, Dusseldorf, Edinburgh and Wembley – all 1985 – playing on A Man of Great Promise, A Boy Who Cried Wolf, A Stones Throw Away, Money Go Round / Soul Deep / Strength of Your Nature and Move on Up.

1996 Solo – Camelle Hinds – Soul Degrees

Track 11 – I Can See A Star – features Weller alumni – Jacko Peake on Saxophone and Flute

1999 Solo – Camelle Hinds – Vibe Alive

The Style Council – Live Aid – Walls Come Tumbling Down

The Style Council – Showbiz!

The Style Council – Old Grey Whistle Test

The Style Council – Rock Around The Dock

The Style Council – Live in Japan

Paul Weller – Saturday Zoo

Camelle Hinds – Sausalito Calling

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  1. Looking forward to this conversation. Loved “Stand Up” back in the day and remember (dating myself) when Hindsight was on US Soul Train.

  2. Looking forward to listening to this episode. Loved “Stand Up” back in the day and remember when (dating myself I know) when Hindsight was on US Soul Train.

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