Episode 98: Den Davis… The Jam Superfan, Collector & Completist, Archivist, Cover Stars, The Jam Tape Collection, The Style Council, Paul Weller Solo and more…

In 1979, twelve-year-old Den Davis went to see The Jam play at Manchester Apollo and his world changed
As we hear on this episode of The Paul Weller Fan Podcast, a few months later when Den started a Sunday morning paper round, he struck a deal with the shop to save every magazine and paper that mentioned The Jam, and Den would then deliver the papers for free. It didn’t matter to Den if they were the cool music press like the NME and Melody Maker or the likes of Jackie and Look In. He wanted them all.
So began the start of his journey to collecting anything and everything about the band, amassing the largest collection of vinyl and memorabilia in the world.

We talk about that collection, and how he had to rebuild after the IRA 1996 Manchester bombing, and hear all about The Jam: Cover Stars – Den’s new and exclusive exhibition of original and iconic Magazine and Music Press covers from around the world that show The Jam throughout their amazing career from 1977 to 1982.

Den saw The Jam 39 times between 1979 and the end of December 1982 – the final tour, he first met the band in 1981, started The Jam Tapes Collection service in April 1982, saw The Style Council 52 times live and Paul Weller solo over 100 times!.

It’s another very special episode.
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EP98 – Den Davis – The Jam Archivist / Collector / Superfan… ”To me you’re still a collector…” Paul Weller Fan Podcast : Desperately Seeking Paul

The ticket that started it all…

Some of the Collection

Photos of Paul by Den


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2 thoughts on “Episode 98: Den Davis… The Jam Superfan, Collector & Completist, Archivist, Cover Stars, The Jam Tape Collection, The Style Council, Paul Weller Solo and more…

  1. Listening to talk sport Radio today (07/08/22)pre 11am the presenter had Weller’s sister on talking About the new Exhibition (or updates happening to current at the church) I remember Jackie? Before pandemic lockdown” promotional interview at the site in Brighton at some Arches ? with news of guitars from Cradock given by Weller and his own collection “Of stuff”managed by his sister’s over time ,but the display including now of the Style council joint venture with solo work properly on going, Sounds great and was a great item to listen to with people who were there telling of memories,i read the book “to be some body” about the fan the film I sold on after one watch! Some areas don’t try!!! I’m sure in time The V&A. they will approach the owner of the Weller Estate/Brand and do an Exhibition for his Contribution to 20TH /21st century Culture and Music ,I’ve seen lesser get Exhibition time( My Opinion) :Vivian Westwood /maddona/Adam Ants costumes are housed there
    Enjoyed the podcast I’ll be going soon enough when my football team plays away to Brighton

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