Episode 95: Phil Veacock – Saxophone player and arranger on his love of The Jam, The Style Council and creating with Paul Weller in recent years…

Phil Veacock is best-known as the main arranger, musical director and tenor saxophonist of Jools Holland’s Rhythm and Blues Orchestra.
Phil has multiple connections and credits with Paul Weller with arrangements and performance on every Weller album since 2017’s A Kind Revolution, right through to 2021’s number one LP, Fat Pop (Volume 1).

Episode 80: Nicole Nodland talks Photography, Paul Weller and Prince…

On Episode 80 of The Paul Weller Fan Podcast, I am joined by the fabulous force of nature that is Nicole Nodland. It was a real delight to spend time with Nicole and to hear her incredible journey to now.

Episode 57: Hannah Peel – Composer, Producer, Synth & Sound lover

Composer, artist, musician, arranger, producer, late night broadcaster and synth-pop pioneer – there would appear to be no end to Hannah Peel’s talent. I’ve even seen her described as ‘The Queen of headphone dreamscapes’ which I love!