Episode 67: Andy Crofts – Weller Bandmate + The Moons

EP67 – Andy Crofts – Musician – Weller Bandmate – The Moons – ”I‘ve been travelling through a tunnel of time now I need to break away…” Paul Weller Fan Podcast : Desperately Seeking Paul

When I started out on this podcast journey in 2020, my first job was to make a list… a wish list…

A who’s who of Weller connections from the past 40+ years. The Jam, The Style Council, The Solo Years to now… You’d do the same thing right?

All in a little red notebook that I could slip into a pocket for when I’m out and about and somebody else pops into my head.

Page 1 was pretty obvious right? Paul Weller, YEP! (Although it’s a short podcast series if he’s episode 1) Bruce and Rick, oh yeah and Brookesy – the true original.

The Style Council – Had to be Micky T… yes and Whitey and Dee. No brainer. You’d all do the same – ah – don’t forget the Honorary Councillors – that’s a long list.

And on to the solo years – for me the love of all things Weller kicked off in 1992 so that band were right up there – Helen, Zeke, Jacko, Camelle, Whitey again – along with the various iterations over the years with the likes of Andy Lewis, Matt Deighton, Ernie McKone, Damon Minchella… my list grew pretty rapidly.

But the current line up has produced some of Paul’s finest work live and on record – so of course, I dreamed of getting Steve Cradock, Steve Pilgrim and Andy Crofts. Three amazing musicians who have been on the scene with Paul through plenty of magical moments that live long in my memories.

Of course, the list goes on (I’ll share more of it with you in the coming weeks) and new members enter the frame (Tom, Josh, Ben) and I’ve ticked off a whole bunch of amazing people so far, but imagine my absolute delight when Andy Crofts said YES a few weeks back!

Dive on in to a 60 minute chat about his love of music, how he become a musician via garden plant stakes through to his own bands and a few brief encounters with Paul through playing live, sending demos of his music and drunken texts, to the joy of being asked to join Paul’s band in 2008 – via a sweaty handed audition.

We hear about collaborations on music, the tours, the recordings, the inspirations, photography, video, documentary and so much more… ENJOY… I know I did…

Buy the Book

Music and photography have always gone hand in hand for Andy Crofts. In his teens he discovered a passion for taking pictures and described it as a life changing feeling.

This book showcases a collection of photographs from his fast paced travels with Paul. Since joining the band he noticed that slowly and unintentionally he had gathered a collection of photographs of Paul that the world has never seen and for the first time from the perspective of a band member.

This book is a series of natural observations, from over the years of travelling and being part of the Paul Weller band.

You can order the book here

Buy the Photography Framed Prints

Andy shared the news that he is also running a few collections of signed and framed prints from his book in time for Christmas. You can order at andycroftsphotography.com

Buy The Moons – Pocket Melodies

Pocket Melodies takes you on a journey of glorious melodies leading you through love, romance, nostalgia, regret and unity.

The album features singles Riding Man and Today which received high praise and championed on BBC London and Radio X and a collaboration with Paul Weller on the song Tunnel Of Time.

Buy the album here

Colorama Records

Independent record label in the UK founded by Andy Crofts (The Moons/Paul Weller) and continuously searching the world for new melodies. Home to releases from Teenage Waitress (Podcast Ep8), Tiny Dyno, Sunzoom, Bliss Williams, Duvet Daze, Chris Watson, Pale Sabres and of course The Moons!

Find out more at www.coloramarecords.com/releases

One – Paul Weller – Official Documentary (Andy Crofts)

Paul Weller – Be Happy Children (Directed by Andy Crofts)

Paul Weller – She Moves with The Fayre (Directed by Andy Crofts)

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