Episode 66: David Lines – ‘The Modfather’ Author

What a blast it was chatting to David Lines. I loved this book when it came out around ten years ago, and David was on my list from day one as somebody who I knew would have some great stories. We’d been trying to organise it as a face-to-face, in a pub podcast, but various lockdowns, the balance of my actual job vs this ‘hobby’ vs family life with two young kids made that impossible so we recorded remotely. I’m so glad that we did as it enabled us to take our time with the stories, re-record a couple of bits post edit and it turned out even better because of it.

Some info on David… when he first heard This is the Modern World by The Jam, it sparked off a love affair that continues to this day.Paul Weller became the blueprint for David’s life, and he followed his music and his style with the fervour of a truly devoted fan – to the bemusement of his long-suffering family.

In this episode, we hear stories behind the creation of David’s fabulous book The Modfather – My Life with Paul Weller, including the Weller quote on the cover, his journey as a fan from The Jam to The Style Council to Paul Weller Solo and connections a plenty.

EP66 – David Lines -The Modfather – My Life with Paul Weller – ”Got a pen in my pocket, does it make me a writer? Putting on gloves don‘t make me a fighter…” Paul Weller Fan Podcast : Desperately Seeking Paul

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At once disarmingly candid and hilariously funny, this is the story of what it means to have a hero, its pleasures and pitfalls. Illustrating his memoir with landmark songs from The Jam and The Style Council, David maps out the occasionally bizarre events in the life of an obsessive fan and wannabe writer.

You can order the book here

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Parasol is the unlikely collaboration by best-selling author David Lines (of “The Modfather: My Life With Paul Weller” fame), and award winning sound designer and music producer, David Lawrie.

This album was originally completed in 2010 but, due to various roadblocks, has faced a string of postponements.

Finally, in 2021, amongst a time of deep global division, and forced isolation, this collection of spoken word and music might serve to remind us all of the joys of the simple things in life, of the loves we share, and the sorrow we all feel with our own personal losses.

This is a little serving of comfort food for the soul.

in the life of an obsessive fan and wannabe writer.

You can order the LP here

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