Cobweb Connections – A new music show from The Paul Weller Fan Podcast…

Welcome to Cobweb Connections – an occasional new music show brought to you by The Paul Weller Fan Podcast!.
This is designed to celebrate new music from musicians – singers – songwriters – bands with connections to Paul Weller…
Many have been on my podcast (and it they haven’t then they are definitely on the wish-list!).

And here’s why I’ve gone with that name…
Number 1 – I love that song on Paul’s album Fat Pop
Number 2 – All of the music that I play on this show will have a connection to Paul Weller – from guests who have been on our podcast and those on our wish list.
Number 3 – those connections will make you think and hopefully lead you into a cobweb tangle of music discovery from some fabulous talent!!!.

Show Number 2 – February 2023

Show #2 features music from Seb Lowe, Far from Saints (Kelly Jones), Edgar Jones, Mollie Marriott, Gaz Coombes, Craig Gould (with Lee Cogswell), Teenage Waitress, Hague & White, Nia Wyn, Erland Cooper, Steve Mason and Damon Albarn (Gorillaz).

Show Number 1 – January 2023

Show #1 features music from Sam Brown, Everything But The Girl, D/S/P, Nia Wyn, Young Fathers, Noel Gallagher, Andy Fairweather-Low, Rhoda Dakar, The WaEve, The Zombies and Moonlight Parade.

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