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Welcome to Cobweb Connections – an occasional new music show brought to you by The Paul Weller Fan Podcast!.
Designed to celebrate new music from musicians – singers – songwriters – bands with connections to Paul Weller…
Many have been on my podcast (and it they haven’t then they are definitely on the wishlist!).

The Story of Stone Foundation – Rise Above It – Review

A Film by Mono Media Films Our lives are packed full of moments. Many of them ordinary experiences. Forgotten in an instance.And yet, there is a power and beauty behind those moments that do happen to transform into unforgettable ones. A single experience, a moment, shared between friends, that can shape the future of aContinue reading “The Story of Stone Foundation – Rise Above It – Review”

Will of the People – Paul Weller – new triple-album of B-sides, rarities and remixes revealed…

The follow up to Paul Weller’s 2003 album, Fly On The Wall, which featured a B-sides, 12” EP tracks, single remixes and unreleased ‘live’ recordings from his solo career up to 1991, Will Of The People features a similar mix of rarities compiled by Weller himself, this time spanning the period 2002 to 2021. Available for pre-order now on limited edition 3LP and 3CD!

Rise Up Singing! – Everything you need to know about the new album from Monks Road Social…

Find out more on Monks Road Social’s new album ‘Rise Up Singing!’ which features Paul Weller, Matt Deighton, Mick Talbot, Stone Foundation frontman Neil Jones, Ernie McKone, Jacko Peake and more….

Andy Crofts talks to the Paul Weller Fan Podcast about ‘The Resistance’ and the auction for War Child

A unique art piece created by Paul Weller’s bass player Andy Crofts in light of the crisis in Ukraine is being auctioned off, with the support of the Paul Weller band.
Entitled, The Resistance, the piece is painted on a 1.5m x 1m framed canvas using acrylic and draws on the Ukrainian flag as inspiration.

2021…Thanks for Listening and All That!

If you’d have told me at the beginning of January 2021 that this year, my podcast would have featured two actual members of The Jam and Paul’s partner in music throughout the whole of The Style Council, I’m not sure that I would have believed you. Let alone getting to chat with a fella whoContinue reading “2021…Thanks for Listening and All That!”

Stone Foundation & Paul Weller – A magical collaboration…

Stone Foundation are a fabulous band and for us Paul Weller fans, they’ve also created some amazing collaborations that have given us some extra (and very, very special) Weller-related releases outside of his own solo work over the past few years.