Episode 134: Nick Heyward – Haircut One Hundred on his love of The Jam, Paul Weller and plenty of connections from the past 40 years…

On this episode of The Paul Weller Fan Podcast, I’m joined by a huge fan of The Jam and Paul Weller… singer-songwriter Nick Heyward

Nick burst onto the scene in the early 80s with his band Haircut One Hundred and the debut album Pelican West (which has just been re-released to celebrate the 40th anniversary! ) The band enjoyed 4 Top 10 songs within a year, but before they started work on the 2nd, Nick left to go solo!

On this episode of the podcast, Nick talks about his love of The Jam and connections with Paul Weller from sharing the stage in the US to the man who signed The Jam ( Chris Parry) to the legendary publisher, the late Brian Morrison, photographers Gered Mankowitz and Lawrence Watson to sleeve designer, Simon Halfon and much more…

We kick off chatting about the band’s recent performance on BBC Radio 2’s The Piano Room (the performance of which you can watch below…)

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EP134 – Nick Heyward – Haircut One Hundred Paul Weller Fan Podcast : Desperately Seeking Paul

Haircut 100 – The Piano Room – BBC Radio 2

We kick off chatting about the band’s recent incredible performance on BBC Radio 2’s The Piano Room…
Find out more at here.

Nick Heyward – The Jam Cover – Sounds from The Street

This is Nick Heyward Live on the ITV show ‘In Bed With Me Dinner’ in 1994. He played the old Haircut 100 track ‘Fantastic Day’, ‘Caravan’ from his then current album ‘From Monday To Sunday’ and a cover of The Jam’s ‘Sounds From The Street’

Haircut 100 – Pelican West

Demon Records are delighted to announce the release of the new half-speed master edition of Pelican West, a celebration edition of Haircut 100’s much-loved debut album, released with full cooperation of the band.

In less than six months, the group moved from being London underground darlings to chart sensations, and within a year had disappeared into pop’s ether, leaving behind one memorable album and four Top 10 UK singles.

“Lots of people are discovering Haircut 100 now and that album and saying it’s fresh as a fantastic daisy, every time, that’s the wonder of it.” – Nick Heyward (vocals and guitar), 2022
Find out more here.

Nick Heyward with From The Jam

Nick Heyward – Woodland Echoes (2017)

I can’t recommend Nick’s 2017 album Woodland Echoes enough. The Critically-acclaimed LP represents the masterful culmination of the last ten years of Nick Heyward’s solo career, drawing together the strength of his expertly crafted songwriting and gifted lyricism in an album that affirms his membership in the pantheon of classic pop songwriters.
Recordings started in his son Oliver Heyward’s studio, continued in award-winning producer and engineer Ian Shaw’s boat-studio in Key West, Florida and were completed back in the UK at The Who and Oasis’ drummer Zac Starkey’s recording studio. The album was affected by Florida’s abundant beauty and Nick’s passion for the natural world, making ‘Woodland Echoes’ an album of exceptional warmth and intimacy, that sounds – as he says – “like it should be on vinyl”.
Get your copy here.

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