Episode 142: Paul Du Noyer – Author, Editor and Music Journalist – NME, Q, The Hit, The Word and Mojo

I’m delighted to be joined on the Paul Weller Fan Podcast by author, editor and music journalist, Paul Du Noyer… His interviewees have ranged from Madonna to Pavarotti, David Bowie to Mick Jagger and nearly everyone with a strong connection to The Beatles, not least Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr.
And of course interviews with Paul Weller!. Interviews during The Jam, The Style Council and Solo periods in publications such as NME, The Hit, Mojo and The Word Magazine.
You can find links to some of those interviews below…

Paul Du Noyer’s career began on the NME, he was on the launch teams of magazines – Q, MOJO, heat and The Word. He edited Q and was the founding editor of MOJO. For the latter he was named Editor of the Year by the British Society of Magazine Editors.

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EP142 – Paul Du Noyer – Author, Editor and Music Journalist – NME, Q, The Hit, The Word and Mojo Paul Weller Fan Podcast : Desperately Seeking Paul

Paul Weller Interview 1985 – The Hit Magazine

Hit The Road… with The Style Council…
It was the final frontier… Australia!
In the first of The HiT’s regular live features, Paul Du Noyer draws the short straw and has to go to Australia.
Check out the scan below, courtesy of Tony Foulkes (podcast listender and fan!)

Paul Weller Interview 1995 – MOJO

Paul interviewed Paul Weller at various stages of his career, whether with The Jam, Style Council or solo. This one was done at Nomis Studios in west London, for the MOJO edition of June 1995, on the release of his Stanley Road album. pauldunoyer.com/paul-weller-1995-interview

Paul Weller Interview 2005 – The Word

In the summer of 2005 Paul Weller was in Amsterdam, completing his new album As Is Now. Paul Du Noyer says… “I interviewed Weller at all the main stages of his career, with The Jam, The Style Council and as a solo artist, but I am sure I have never drunk as much before. It seemed almost a test he would put to journalists that year. We bar-crawled around the city all afternoon and evening. Thankfully I recorded the interview at an early stage. What followed was probably rubbish. The piece became a cover story for the Word magazine.”

Review of Sound Affects – NME – 1980

Not another Jam album? Well, not actually. There’s never been just another Jam album…
This album takes the band forward … SOUND AFFECTS isn’t a perfect Jam album, even if it is a great one …
It’s a brave departure and an earnest effort to break new ground … That dense heavy sound which found its climax in ´Going Underground´ has been cut back, stripped down to only its most basic parts … Instrumentation is stark, spare and hard …
´Monday´ is a beautiful love song that climbs up to classic status … These influences are only incorporated to enrich what´s really there, and remain firmly subservient to Weller’s own songwriting gifts …
´That’s Entertainment´ must rate as one of Paul Weller’s finest pieces to date … He’s observing with more vivid descriptive ability than at any time previously … As always the view point is a humane, personalistic one …
Where SOUND AFFECTS is good it’s great, and where it’s not so good it’s still good … I’ve got SOUND AFFECTS and I’m chuffed with it and all I want now is another Jam album.

In the City: A Celebration of London Music

In this fascinating history of London’s music, which was the 2009 Sunday Times ‘Music Book of the Year’, Paul Du Noyer celebrates the people and places that have made London the most exciting and diverse musical city on earth. The West End musicals, Ronnie Scott’s jazz club, Abbey Road, mod culture, the Kinks, the Who and the Rolling Stones are just as much a part of London as the Houses of Parliament, Big Ben and the Routemaster. His captivating book charts the city’s music history and landmarks and will appeal to residents, visitors and exiles alike. Paul Weller is featured in the book with Paul Du Noyer observing that he could write In the City about the promise of this great city, but equally pen the bitter Down in the Tube Station at Midnight.
You can buy the book at amzn.to/41svLFp

Paul Du Noyer – Conversations with Paul McCartney (2015)

In June 1989, Paul Du Noyer was contacted by Paul McCartney’s office in London and asked to interview the star as they had met once before and enjoyed a good rapport.
In the years that followed, Paul Du Noyer continued to meet, interview and work for Paul McCartney on a regular basis, producing magazine articles, tour programmes, album liner notes, press materials and website editorial. It’s likely that Du Noyer has spent more hours in formal, recorded conversation with McCartney than any other writer.
Conversations with McCartney is the culmination of Du Noyer’s long association with McCartney and his music. It draws from their interview sessions across 35 years, coupling McCartney’s own, candid thoughts with his observations and analysis.

You can order the book here amzn.to/3Llh3dH

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