Episode 143: Nia Wyn – Singer, Songwriter, Musician and Producer shares stories of creating music with Paul Weller, supporting him on tour and much more…

As you will have heard many times on this podcast series so far, Paul Weller has a long tradition of supporting up and coming music artists. Welsh soul artist Nia Wyn is another huge talent to get his stamp of approval and it was a real joy to hear her story on this episode of the Paul Weller Fan Podcast.
Her music takes influence from Soul, RnB, Jazz, Pop and Hip-Hop to create something new, something that is uniquely hers. Trust me when I say that her incredible, unmistakable vocals will blow you away with each release and live performance….

In our podcast chat, we dig into the recent past to hear about her connections with Paul Weller from a WhatsApp intro that leads to Paul picking Nia up from Woking station for a songwriting and recording session at Black Barn Studio (Paul Weller HQ) and the creation of her beautiful soulful song “Turnstyles”.
Released as a single in June 2018, Paul plays bass, hammond organ and piano and sings backing vocals on the song, with Podcast Episode 95 guest, Phil Veacock providing the brass too!.

We also chatted about live performance and as you’ll hear on the podcast, Nia opened for Paul at his concert in York in August 2018, along with supporting him on dates for the rescheduled-rescheduled On Sunset / Fat Pop tour in 2021.
2022 saw her release more new music with her Magical Thinking EP and she also reached the finals of Glastonbury Festival’s Emerging Talent competition. That Summer saw her go on to play the Somerset festival along with Latitude and she supported Paul Weller again at Lytham Festival… Not a bad year right?

Nia is another artist, to be endorsed by Paul, whose songs take you on a journey.
A raw and powerful style of storytelling that at times can be observational – stories about others, in the third person or more often it would seem that she is singing something deeply personal, open, honest and introspective. Not afraid to wear her heart on her sleeve to tackle topics that may appear to be taboo (her own mental health challenges as example) in an age where those areas of discussion really shouldn’t be.
She has an incredible knack of making you think with her music whilst also having that all important gift of melody. Every release so far has been pretty special and builds on what has come before and I’m genuinely excited by what is to come in the future.

Check out my Nia Wyn Spotify playlist below and find Nia Wyn on Bandcamp here and on social media here.

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EP143 – Nia Wyn – Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Producer Paul Weller Fan Podcast : Desperately Seeking Paul

Turnstiles by Nia Wyn (produced by, and featuring Paul Weller)

Nia posted this on Facebook on 9th January 2018
“If you had told little Nia back in the 2000s that in 2018 she’d be in the studio writing and recording with one of Britain’s all time musical legends I would have called you a fibber. Crazy.
Thank you Paul Weller for an unforgettable day. Can’t wait to share what we created. X”

Produced by Paul Weller at Black Barn Studio, Turnstiles was released on 27th June 2018.
Paul plays bass, Hammond organ and piano and provides backing vocals on the single too.
Grab the digital download here.

January 2019 – Nia covers The Style Council…

A lovely little highlight of our chat was the reveal of this cover version. I had no idea!.
After a bit of searching online I managed to find it… ENJOY! Watch here

Spotify Playlist from Desperately Seeking Paul

Nia Wyn – Long Haul EP – June 2023

On Instagram, Nia shared an update on this new 2023 release… “This EP was written as an ‘open letter’ to a number of things – first of all my experience with long covid for the past 3.5 years and how my life has changed. Then thinking about the desire of positive longevity in creativity and my career. Thirdly, processing feelings. “
Find out more on her Instagram page and listen / purchase on Bandcamp here.

Nia Wyn ft. Pritt – Grind – May 2023

Nia Wyn – I Know I Should Call More – March 2023

Nia Wyn – Tough Love – Feb 2023

Writing on Facebook at the time of release, Nia said “Tough Love is my first proper self produced track so a big deal to me. I wrote this about the revolving door of shitty dishonest and borderline delusional politicians in the UK and the turmoil they’ve left this country in. The abject poverty so many people face in contrast to the audacity, narcissism and stench of the richest and most powerful.
Big thanks to Evil Genius Records Ltd on mixing, and Rachel Espeute on bass, and Luca Longoni on keys.”

Nia Wyn with Evil Genius and Jarki Monno – Algorithms- Jan 2023

Magical Thinking EP – Nia Wyn – June 2022

Released just a few days ahead of her 2022 Glastonbury performance, Nia’s 6 track Magical Thinking EP is another stunning release.
The songs delve in to mental health and Nia’s own struggles with OCD but also experiences of betrayal, sexuality, guilt and anxiety
Available here on Bandcamp.


Taken from Nia’s Magical Thinking EP, released in June 2022.

Take a Seat EP – Nia Wyn – March 2021

Released in March 2021, Nia’s second EP called Take a Seat is available as a digital download or a limited signed 12″ mulberry vinyl.
Available here on Bandcamp.

Speaking to DIY Magazine at the time, Nia said of the release “I wrote a few of the songs – or at least parts of them – over the past year and a half, and as I began to develop this EP, a body of work started to form that had a clear theme. I had been writing about two parts of myself and trying to connect them – giving a voice to the adolescent me, and myself in the present. A lot of the songs deal with my experience with mental health issues, confusion around identity and struggling with the relationships in my life growing up and now – feeling let down, angry but conflicted.”
Read the full article here.

Don’t Rely on Me

Taken from Nia’s Take a Seat EP, released in March 2021.

Who Asked You

This song was Nia’s first to gain over a million streams on Spotify!
Again taken from the Take a Seat EP, this song was also featured on the Official FIFA 21 game soundtrack.
Sharing the news at the time on social media, Nia added “To say this is one off the bucket list feels like an understatement. I grew up playing FIFA on my brother’s playstation and kicking ball in my spare time, a tomboy with all the boys in a north Wales community sports centre. If you had told that little girl she would have a song on FIFA she wouldn’t believe you.”


“A huge pleasure to open for Paul Weller last night at Cambridge Corn Exchange
Gutted we didn’t make it to the Lincoln show (no thanks to my Peugeot longback – RIP) but proper enjoyed last night. Cheers to Paul and all the crew, and thank you Keith Mason Photography for these shots 📷.”

Images from Jon Webber AKA Jon’s Photos. Nia Wyn supporting Paul Weller at the Cliffs Pavilion in November 2021.

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