Episode 146: Paul ‘Smiler’ Anderson – MOD Author & DJ – Recorded Live at The Water Rats, London

This episode of the Paul Weller Fan Podcast was recorded live at London’s iconic The Water Rats venue.
My special guest, Mod Author and DJ, Paul ‘Smiler’ Anderson shared stories from The Jam to now.
Kicking off with how it was The Jam that ignited a lifelong passion for all things Mod.
We also dig in to three of his incredible books.
Kicking off with Mods: The New Religion which was published in 2013.
It’s a vivid, exciting snapshot of what it was really like to be with the in-crowd… so much so that it got the seal of approval from Paul Weller, leading to collaborations on other projects and a friendship between the two since…

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EP146 – Paul 'Smiler' Anderson – MOD Author & DJ Paul Weller Fan Podcast : Desperately Seeking Paul

Mods – The New Religion – The Style and Music of the 1960s Mods

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Mod may have been born in the ballrooms and nightclubs around London but it soon rampaged throughout the country. Youngsters in the 60s soon found a passion for sharp clothes, music and dancing, but for some it was pills, thrills and violence.

In Mods: The New Religion the original Mod generation tell it exactly how it was, in their very own words. This book includes first hand accounts of the times from the people who were actually on the scene. Top faces, scooterboys, DJs, promoters and musicians build up a vivid, exciting snapshot of what it was really like to be with the in-crowd.

Mods Art – Music and Graphics, Fashion and Art, Mod Design from the 1950s to 1990s

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Examining and illustrating the art scene surrounding the birth of modernism and its simultaneous rise among the burgeoning working class Mod scene of the Sixties, Mod Art is the definitive work on the visual culture of Mod.
With interviews from key artists, scene members and a rich understanding of the how the collision of high art and mass culture formed, Mod Art will appeal to fans of history, music, fashion and art.
The book features 3 album covers that are explored with Paul Weller. The Jam – All Mod Cons, The Style Council – Our Favourite Shop (with Mick Talbot) and Stanley Road from the solo years with comment from the legend that is Sir Peter Blake.

Scorcha! Skins, Suedes and Style from the Streets 1967-1973

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I thought it was a great cultural movement, the music, the look, they’re things that have shaped who I am…” Paul Weller
Levis, Ben Sherman, Crombie. Reggae, rocksteady, soul. The look and sound of Suedeheads – instantly recognisable in the sixties and early seventies – had a long-lasting impact on British style.
Created with Podcast Guest Number 2 – Mark Baxter, Scorcha!: Skins, Suedes and Style from the Streets 1967–73 delves into the roots, rise and fall of the Suedeheads and their close companions the Skinheads. Covering topics from fashion and football to the influence of black music and culture, the book draws on first-hand accounts from the original skin-suede generation and later adopters, such as Paul Weller and Norman Jay MBE.

Smiler & Paul Weller on the Modcast with Eddie Pillar

Blog by Desperately Seeking Paul

Within the world of Mod, there are individuals who embody the essence of the movement and work tirelessly to preserve its spirit. One such individual is Paul ‘Smiler’ Anderson, whose passion for Mod culture has not only influenced his own life but also inspired others through his published works, influence as a DJ / music specialist and exhibition.

For Smiler, Mod is more than just a passing interest—it is a way of life. His journey as a Mod began in the late 1970s, and since then, he has become a stalwart figure in the Mod community. His unwavering dedication to the subculture and his deep appreciation for its music, fashion, and ethos have earned him respect and admiration from fellow enthusiasts.

His passion is evident in the books that he has authored, which provide invaluable insights into the movement’s history, style, and impact. They meticulously explore the Mod subculture from different angles, examining its origins, its evolution, and enduring legacy.

These incredible books serve as both educational resources and personal tributes to the Mod lifestyle. Through meticulously researched content, vivid imagery, and firsthand accounts, he captures the essence of Mod and its significance in popular culture.

His dedication to preserving and promoting Mod’s values, style, and music has helped keep the movement alive and vibrant, ensuring that future generations can continue to embrace and appreciate its unique spirit.

Through his publications and connections, Anderson contributes to the ongoing appreciation and celebration of Mod culture, leaving an indelible mark on the subculture he holds dear.

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