Paul Weller – The Remixes (TSC + Solo + Other)

Over the course of this series of The Paul Weller Fan Podcast – we’ve heard from a whole bunch of people who have had a hand in remixing Paul’s music in some way – White Label’s Tom Doyle talked about reworking Going My Way & Phoenix from Saturns Pattern along with Hopper from A Kind Revolution, Villagers Conor O’Brien described the process of remixing She Moves with the Fayre from that same album, Seckou Keita took Paul’s stems to make a new version of Rockets for an On Sunset Remix EP, on which Episode 31 Guest, Christophe Vaillant AKA Le Super Homand also contributed to with a revision for On Sunset.
Heck even Andy Crofts had a crack at White Sky vs Prof.Kybert and technically speaking my Episode 57 guest, Hannah Peel has played a part too – appearing on the remix by Erland Cooper for Woo Se Mama.
Since recording episodes with me some of my guests have more to tell & share. Aziz Ibrahim released a Azwas Mix of Middle Road which again featured elements from the original recordings with Paul and Steve White. Plus Stone Foundation’s Neil Jones and Neil Sheasby (who have had their own song Deeper Love remixed with some brilliant versions that again feature Paul on vocals), have turned around a fabulous, new(er) version of Paul’s song – That Pleasure from 2021’s Fat Pop LP.

Whilst I have yet to find a remix during The Jam‘s timeline (anyone?) – The Style Council were pretty active supporters (or at least their record label were) – kicking off with a couple for Money Go Round (The Remix featured the original’s lengthy lyrics, the Dance Mix is largely instrumental, with some samples) – both from Bert Bevans through to revised takes on Council Collective’s Soul Deep tune, to You’re The Best Thing, The Lodgers, Long Hot Summer, Promised Land and more… Heck even Mick T’s Our Favourite Shop had a club mix on the 12″ for Come to Milton Keynes.

Remixes are everywhere now, but how long have they really been around? From what I can find online – it would seem that Donna Summer’s I Feel Love was one of the first remixes to see chart success – being stretched to 15 minutes with added loops and synthesizers. I can’t think of anything worst than having to dance for 15 minutes at my age but am sure it went down a storm back in the day.

So what you will find below is a list of remixes that I’ve managed to find from various sleeve notes, books (eg Mr Cools Dream), Streaming Platforms like Spotify and Amazon to eBay, Discogs etc and a few of you (particular thanks to Dan Hunt and Penelope Lane).
For the Paul Weller Solo ones, I have categorized with the time period of the original recording / album period for ease.

Over time, I hope to have this list finalised and links for all the versions – so please flag if any are wrong, repeats or anything missing. I’ve also highlighted ones where I have podcasts with the remixer involved.
In the meantime, I have created a playlist of the remixes that are available on Spotify.
Happy Listening !

The Style Council

Money Go Round – Club Mix
Money Go Round – Bert Bevans Alternate Remix
Long Hot Summer – Club Mix (Bert Bevans)
Long Hot Summer – Tom Mix
Long Hot Summer – Jeza Mix
Long Hot Summer – ’89 Mix
You’re The Best Thing (Remix / Fade)
Shout to the Top – USA Remix
Soul Deep – Bert Bevans Remix / Club Mix
Our Favourite Shop – Club Mix
The Lodgers – Club Mix
Life at a Top Peoples Health Farm – Um and Argh Mix
Promised Land – Juan Atkins Mix
Promised Land – Joe Smooth’s Alternate Club Mix
Promised Land – Latin Orchestral Workout – Remixed by Brothers in Rhythm
Can You Still Love Me? – 12 O’Clock Dub
Can You Still Love Me? – Club Mix

Paul Weller – 1992

Kosmos – Lynch Mob Bonus Beats Remix
Kosmos – SX Dub 2000

Wild Wood – 1993

Wild Wood – The Sheared Wood Remix (Released 1998)
Sunflower – Lynch Mob Dub

Stanley Road – 1995

Whirlpool’s End – Lynch Mob Beats

Heavy Soul – 1997

Science – Lynch Mob Remix
Steam – Lynch Mob Beats
Brushed – Lynch Mob Remix

Heliocentric – 2000

There’s No Drinking After Your Dead – Noonday Underground Remix
Heliocentric – Swordsmen 4UR Mix ( Andrew Weatherall )

Illumination – 2002

None that I can find from this period / album – a shame as I could imagine ‘It’s Written in the Stars’ as a banging dance floor classic!!!.

Studio 150 – 2004

Wishing on a Star – Richard Giventree & Robin Jones Remix for The Beta Band
Wishing On A Star – Steve Mason Remix for The Beta Band
Wishing On A Star – Candy Apple Remix edit
The Bottle – Big Boss Man Vocal Mix
The Bottle – Big Boss Man Instrumental Mix

As Is Now – 2005

From the Floorboards Up – Lynch Mob Vocal mix
From the Floorboards Up – Lynch Mob Instrumental Remix
Paper Smile – Audio Twitch Remix ( Eliot James)
Super Lekker Stoned – Richard Fearless Mix

22 Dreams – 2008

Invisible – Marco Version
Rip Up The Pages – Lynch Mob Remix

Wake Up The Nation – 2010

Technically speaking, the whole 10th Anniversary re-release of the album is actually a remix released in 2021. The tracks below were part of the 2010 deluxe edition and other releases around that time.

Wake Up The Nation – Zinc’s The Crackhouse Remix
Fast Car / Slow Traffic – Erland & Carnival Carnivalization
Grasp & Still Connect – The Bees Version
She Speaks – Tunng Remix
Andromeda – Richard Hawley Remix
In Amsterdam – Noonday Underground remix
No Tears to Cry – Leo Zero Remix
Find the Torch, Burn the Plans – Nick Zinner from the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s Remix
Fast Car / Slow Traffic – Primal Scream Remix
Fast Car / Slow Traffic – Devlin Remix
Aim High – Larry Heard Remix
Aim High / Pieces of a Dream – The Amorphous Androgynous Remixes (4 parts below)
Part 1: Aim High – Aim Higher
Part 2: Pieces of a Dream – A Dream in Pieces
Part 3: Aim High – The Higher Aim
Part 4: Aim High – Like Water Needs a Flower

Sonik Kicks – 2012

That Dangerous Age – Ladytron Remix
That Dangerous Age – Matt Helders – Arctic Monkeys Remix
When Your Garden’s Overgrow – The Deadstock 33S Drone Dub
Starlite – Drop Out Orchestra Remix
Starlite – Black Van Remix
Starlite – D-Pulse Remix

Saturns Pattern – 2015

Phoenix – Psychemagik Remix
Phoenix – Weller Kybert Remix
Paul – A White Label remix of Phoenix from their EP – Borrowed Voices
Going My Way – Remixed by White Label

White Sky – Prof.Kybert vs. The Moons
Pick It Up – Convergence Remix
Pick It Up – Dub
Saturns Pattern – Straight Face / Young Fathers Remix

A Kind Revolution – 2017

She Moves with The Fayre – Villagers Remix
New York – Nightwatch – Prof Kybert
Nova – Toy Remix
One Tear – Club Cut – Prof Kybert
Hopper – White Label Remix
Satellite Kid – Syd Arthur Remix
She Moves With The Fayre – Breakdown Inst. Prof Kybert
Woo Se Mama – E&TC Remix
One Tear – Black Petal Remix – Thomaas Banks
One Tear – Travesty Remix – The Meeq
One Tear – Club Cut Alternative Version

True Meanings – 2018

The Soul Searchers – Richard Hawley Remix
Aspects – RaVen Remix
Mayfly – The Reflex Revision

On Sunset – 2020

On Sunset – Orchestral Mix
More – Skeleton Key Remix
Old Father Tyme – Gwenno Remix
Rockets – Seckou Keita Remix
On Sunset – Le Superhomard Remix
Rockets – Jane Weaver / Mind Control Remix

Fat Pop (Volume 1) – 2021

Cosmic Fringes – Triad Remix – Pet Shop Boys
Cosmic Fringes – Marching off to Bedlam Remix – Andrew Innes and Jagz Kooner
Fat Pop (The Light) – Remixed By Mbuki
Fat Pop (Who’s Jumping) – Remixed By Meeq
Fat Pop (Cinematic Question) – Remixed By Meeq
Fat Pop (Autoworld) – Remixed By Meeq
Glad Times (Soul Steppers) – Remixed By Boogie Back)
That Pleasure (Get Involved) – Remixed By Stone Foundation


Stone Foundation – Deeper Love
Deeper Love (Opolopo Remix)
Deeper Love (Late Night Jazz Funk Mix) – Boogie Back Remix – Ernic McKone

Indian Vibes – Mathar
Mathar (Discovery Of India Mix)
Mathar (Ballistics In Traffic Mix) – Ballistics Brothers
Mathar (Adbutha-Lynch Mob Beats)
Mathar (Dawson’s Dub) – X-Press 2
Mathar ((Dawson’s Dub Hands On) – X Press 2
Mathar (Indian Time Bomb Breaks) – X-Press 2
Mathar (Yellow Mix) – Chris – The French Kiss

Aziz Ibrahim
Middle Road – Azwas Mix

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