Episode 148: Peter Anderson, Photographer, The Style Council…

In the realm of music photography, there are certain individuals who possess a unique ability to capture the essence of a band, conveying their spirit through the lens. One such luminary is Peter Anderson, a photographer renowned for his collaboration with The Style Council.

Peter attended Glasgow School of Art and the Royal College of Art, London, he was staff photographer at New Musical Express in the 1980s, and worked for The Face, iD and Rolling Stone magazine.

Many of the most iconic images of The Style Council – Paul and Mick – were taken by him during their formative years (some taken before we even knew that they would be The Style Council).
Trough his lens, he managed to encapsulate the band’s energy, camaraderie, and distinctive fashion sense, which became an integral part of their identity.

Look at the sleeves for those early singles – the rear of Speak Like a Child, the tree shot on Money-Go-Round, those amazing images for the À Paris EP, that Café Bleu album cover… iconic images that have stood the test of time.

He also took incredible photos of music icons such as Madonna, Iggy Pop, Marvin Gaye, Joe Strummer, Bowie, Jagger, Sade, Depeche Mode, Herbie Hancock, The Fall, Ozzy Osbourne…


Peter has a wonderful knack of being able to tell a visual story through his work. Each photograph possesses a narrative quality, inviting viewers into a world where music and aesthetics converge. His images not only showcase the band’s on-stage charisma but also provide glimpses into Paul and Mick’s camaraderie from day one.

Find more of Peter’s photos at soniceditions.com/photographer/peter-anderson and peteranderson.photos

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EP148 – Peter Anderson – Photographer, The Style Council, The Jam, Paul Weller Paul Weller Fan Podcast : Desperately Seeking Paul

Snap Gallery

You can purchase some of Peter’s iconic photographs from the lovely people at Snap Galleries here.

A few TSC highlights…

The Jam (Paul Weller)

Short Film – Available Light


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  1. Excellent episode Dan…I particularly enjoy your chats with all the photographers.
    Any idea who the woman is in the dogtooth coat ‘French Style’? That image works so well.

    Also enjoyed your interviews with Steve Ellis and the irrepressible Eliza Carthy…any chance of talking to Steve White? I’m sure you have tried!

    Keep up all the hard work…it is much appreciated.

    PS…I know it is out of format but I would love to hear your thoughts on Paul’s recent Europen Tour

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