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On the first Friday of the month since March of 2020, Bandcamp have waived their revenue share to help support artists on Bandcamp. Over the course of just those 27 days, fans have paid artists and labels more than $93 million USD.

I’ve had so many amazing musicians, singers, songwriters on the podcast and I always want to give something back. I’ve loved diving in to their music during this series. Old and New. I bought a record player again during lockdown and have been buying up the vinyl from each of my guests. Both as a way to grow my collection with great music but also a small thanks to them for coming on. What you’ll find below is a bunch of music that is on Bandcamp from artists with Paul Weller connections. I’ll aim to keep this up to date with new updates each month. Dive on in!

The next Bandcamp Friday is November 3rd, and December 1st. As always, has the details.

Steve Pilgrim

You will know Steve Pilgrim from his time behind the drumkit in the Paul Weller band. I’m hoping that you have also discovered his own wonderful music as this guy is a serious talent as a singer and songwriter too. Last year’s release Beautiful Blue is a must-have in any collection but I recommend diving in to his back catalogue too for loads of real gems.

EP109 – Steve Pilgrim – Drummer, Singer, Songwriter, Weller Bandmate… ”To reappear so beautifully, a technicolour effigy…” Paul Weller Fan Podcast : Desperately Seeking Paul

Nia Wyn

My latest podcast guest is another huge talent to get the Paul Weller stamp of approval – Welsh / London soul sensation Nia Wyn. Find out why by checking out her back catalogue of songs on Bandcamp.
Her most recent EP is called Magical Thinking and you’ll also find a signed physical release on mulberry coloured vinyl for her Take a Seat EP – Plus you can grab a digital download of her song Turnstiles – created with Paul Weller…

EP143 – Nia Wyn – Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Producer Paul Weller Fan Podcast : Desperately Seeking Paul

Edgar Jones

One-time Paul Weller solo bandmate – Edgar Jones – has just released his latest stunner of an album called Reflections of a Soul Dimension. You can hear us chatting about it on my podcast (along with some cracking Weller related stories). Hit the link for Bandcamp to get the LP and you will also find the 7″ single Torture as a signed vinyl on there too.

From the pop-soul of Motown to the underground sounds of what became the UK’s northern soul scene. From the soulful sounds of Scott Walker to the soul-influenced songs of Burt Bacharach. And also some of the rarer soul/garage records.

The core sound of guitars, piano, bass and drums is often augmented with strings, brass, backing vocals and, occasionally, the odd orchestra. Tambourines and vibraphone enhance the tracks giving a courtious nod to a past era but with Edgar’s voice, always front and centre, placing the songs firmly in the present.

EP123 – Edgar Jones – Singer, Songwriter, Musician – Paul Weller Live Band Bass Player Paul Weller Fan Podcast : Desperately Seeking Paul

Andy Lewis

Bandcamp is home to stacks of new music from former Paul Weller band bass-player Andy Lewis including a couple of releases that feature Mr Weller himself.
Elements of  4-14-44 were recorded at Paul Weller’s Black Barn studios.
There’s also a lovely selection of songs and musical interludes intended for A South Herts Symphony, a project started in 2008 and shelved in 2011. The track Magic Custard features backing vocals by many, including Pete Twyman, Steve Cradock, Paul Weller, Miles Chapman, Hannah Weller, Charles Rees…

EP11 – Andy Lewis – Musician, DJ & Producer – ”From Blow Up! to Thunderclouds” Paul Weller Fan Podcast : Desperately Seeking Paul

Le SuperHomard AKA Christophe Vaillant

You’ll find two entries on Bandcamp for French musician and producer, Christophe Vaillant.
His latest output with Maxwell Farrington has led to support slots for Paul Weller on the upcoming European dates.

His original band caught Paul’s attention with numerous shout outs in magazine interviews and an invite to remix one of his songs for the On Sunset remix project.

EP31 – Le SuperHomard AKA Christophe Vaillant – French Musician & Weller Remixer – "Oh heavenly thing, please cleanse my soul…" Paul Weller Fan Podcast : Desperately Seeking Paul

Kathryn Williams

Paul Weller has regularly shared his love of Kathryn’s music and the connection led to a collaboration that I gather is most likely to surface on his upcoming triple LP. Hear the story on our podcast chat below!.
Check out a whole bunch of lovely back catalogue from Kathryn on Bandcamp including 2022’s wonderful Night Drives. A collection of songs that explores a more filmic sound, with a larger ensemble of instrumentation, particular emphasis on the strings and production from Ed Harcourt.
You will also find a digital download of her Anthology boxset that brings together 10 of her studio albums with additional bonus content for each album, lyric booklet and artwork by Kathryn.

EP49 – Kathryn Williams – Singer – Songwriter – Author "When you gonna find the strength to be, clear your mind of the darkness that you see." Paul Weller Fan Podcast : Desperately Seeking Paul

Hannah Peel

Mercury shortlisted artist, composer, producer and late night broadcaster – Hannah Peel – follows Paul Weller in productivity with a couple of upcoming releases announced in April 2023 alone!.
A new vinyl release for her Original Score LP of The Midwich Cuckoos (the Sky TV series had another Weller connection with it’s star Max Beesley!). This incredible score has been nominated for both the Ivor Novello Award and won oiginal score recording of the year at the recent Music Producer’s Guild Awards. (Hannah also won the award for Self-Producing Artist.

Hannah also announced the release of a new work with Manchester Collective called NEON which is available for pre-order here.

I do recommend diving in to Hannah’s back catalogue – she is a really exciting talent – a wonderful composer and musician… Highly recommended are the stunning Fir Wave and Awake But Always Dreaming.
You will also find 2022’s chart topping classical album The Unfolding created with ParaOrchestra (another Weller connection that Hannah brought to the party).

EP57 – Hannah Peel – Award-winning Composer, Artist, Musican – ”Dancing through the fire, just to catch a flame…” Paul Weller Fan Podcast : Desperately Seeking Paul

Seckou Keita

Secko joined us back in October 2021 on the podcast to share stories of remixing Rockets for the On Sunset remixes EP and playing with Paul as part of the Africa Express project.

African Rhapsodies will be released on 26th May.
This enchanting new work for kora and orchestra celebrates Africa’s magical 22-stringed harp and gives it the position of prominence granted for centuries to the violin, piano and flute. The work, arranged by Italian composer Davide Mantovani was recorded with BBC Concert Orchestra. The album includes guest appearances, notably by South African Cellist Abel Sealocoe and Gambian percussionniste Suntou Susso.
The album comes with 44 page booklet translated in French.

EP64 – Seckou Keita – Musician – Kora Master – Griot – Pioneer – ”A melody strong, an angel‘s voice and I find myself in awe of its truth…” Paul Weller Fan Podcast : Desperately Seeking Paul

Rhoda Dakar

Rhoda Dakar began her career as lead vocalist with all female 2Tone band, The Bodysnatchers. She’s recorded with The Specials, Madness and the Dub Pistols. The singer, musician, songwriter, activist & campaigner joined us back in March 2022 to share stories of her time in Red Wedge. Set for release on 26th May, Version Girl is her first album in five years.

The 12-song collection features a diverse range of covers chosen by Rhoda, celebrating her love of Reggae, Ska and Rocksteady.

Most of these songs have never before been given proper treatments in these incredibly versatile and timeless Jamaican genres.

EP84 – Rhoda Dakar – Singer, Musician, Red Wedge… ”You see things can change…” Paul Weller Fan Podcast : Desperately Seeking Paul


The Paul Weller collaborations have yet to be revealed but expect news in 2023.
In the meantime, grab yourself a signed copy of The Anthology.

The double album features many of his classic collaborations, from his evergreen worldwide anthem There’s Nothing Like This to It’s So, the dancefloor destroying banger inspired by the amalgam of sounds Omar heard at The Notting Hill Carnival. Also included are lesser known, slept on tracks from across his long career – and the exclusive, previously unheard tracks Pass It On ft Terri Walker and Long Time Coming. 

EP82 – Omar Lye-Fook MBE – Soul Music Legend + The Style Council / Weller Solo – ”Hello-Hurray – what a nice day!” Paul Weller Fan Podcast : Desperately Seeking Paul

Little Barrie

Barrie Cadogan shared stories of support slots, TV and Radio Sessions with Paul Weller and recording on 22 Dreams on our podcast back in April 2022.
Check out some exciting releases on bandcamp including the new work with Malcolm Catto called Quatermass Seven. A darker, deeper and more expansive set of grooves, layered with frazzled and flawless guitar lines and flowing melodies, as well as pointing toward a future of exciting new musical opportunities.

EP90 – Barrie Cadogan AKA Little Barrie… ”I get consumed by your fire and grace…” Paul Weller Fan Podcast : Desperately Seeking Paul

Dot Allison

Released in July 2021, Heart-Shaped Scars was Dot Allison’s first album release in 12 years.
Tranquil in sound and passionate in spirit it’s her most personal record yet.
The album is an absolute stunner. A must-have in your collection. Songs about love, loss and a universal longing for union that seems to go with the human condition. Recorded at Castlesound Studios in Edinburgh – Dot’s home town, the album is produced by Dot alongside Fiona Cruickshank (another Weller connection) and Hannah Peel adds string arrangements to four songs that accompany Dot’s imaginative lyrics, courtesy of a quintet of Scottish folk musicians.
Also check out The Entangled Remix EP which is only available through Bandcamp.

EP92 – Dot Allison – Singer-Songwriter… ”Steady as rocks, two halves of one we cling” Paul Weller Fan Podcast : Desperately Seeking Paul

Debsey Wykes – Dolly Mixture

Released in March 2023, Remember This: The Singles Collection 1980 – 1984 is a 15 track album that compiles all of Dolly Mixture’s 7″ and 12″ released between 1980 and 1984 on Chrysalis, Respond Records (Paul Weller’s record label), Dead Good Dolly Platters and Cordelia Records.

Dolly Mixture sit somewhere between the Shangri-La’s and the Go-Go’s which appeals to Indie kids, Punks and 60’s girl group fans. Dolly Mixture toured with the Undertones, played John Peel’s 40th birthday party, recorded a wealth of true pop classics, gave U2 a support-act leg-up, wrote songs for Lena Zavaroni and influenced the whole riot grrrl movement, but floored by on-the-road illness, decooled by Captain Sensible and dismissed as ‘the Slits meet the Nolans’ by a UK music industry too hung up on black leather hipness.

EP96 – Debsey Wykes – Dolly Mixture – Respond Records… Paul Weller Fan Podcast : Desperately Seeking Paul

Chris Bangs

In January 2023, Above the Clouds co-producer, Chris Bangs followed up on the success of his 2022 mod-club, soul-jazz adventure ‘Back to Businesss’ with Mick Talbot with the creation of a compendium of dance-floor fillers and Latin dynamite called Firebird.
Chris, who coined the term ‘acid jazz’, has created a new solo album of 10 tracks that takes his unique spin on jazz DJ-ing and turned it to producing an album that is totally reminiscent of the classic ‘80s era on the UK dance scene.

EP99 – Chris Bangs – Co-Producer of Above The Clouds + DJ, Producer & Composer… ”Must be me that’s rushing by, time just lingers on the wind” Paul Weller Fan Podcast : Desperately Seeking Paul

Eliza Carthy

Describing herself simply as a ‘modern English musician’, Eliza Carthy is one of the most recognisable faces in British folk. She was another fabulous guest to join our podcast series, sharing her stories of studio collaborations and live performances with Paul Weller and the creation of her stunning cover of Wild Wood.

From the purest unaccompanied traditional songs to original music incorporating myriad influences, Eliza has moved through English folk music like a force of nature, both stirring it up & putting it back on the map.
2022 saw her celebrating an incredible 30 years in the music business with album Queen Of The Whirl, featuring new interpretations of fan-selected favourites from her previous albums, recorded with her band Eliza Carthy & The Restitution.

Hit the link above to get it into your Bandcamp shopping basket.

EP108 – Eliza Carthy – Trad / Prog Singer, Songwriter, Musician… ”Climbing forever trying…” Paul Weller Fan Podcast : Desperately Seeking Paul

Terry Edwards

There’s a whole heap of lovely releases from Terry Edwards available on Bandcamp including Stop Trying To Sell Me Back My Past (vol. 1) – The first official release of Terry Edwards’ Cure covers, alongside the long-deleted vinyl EPs from the 1990s plus four bonus tracks.
You’ll also find The Very Best of Very Terry Edwards – a 3-CD boxset including music as part of The Higsons, The Wolfhounds, The Blockheads amongst others.

EP128 – Terry Edwards – Musician (Sax, Trumpet, Guitar, Keyboards, Flute) + Singer / Songwriter + Wake Up The Nation Paul Weller Fan Podcast : Desperately Seeking Paul

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